Saturday Morning

It is in the poetry of the simple things, in the gestures, the light and the bristling new day outside my windowsill. I see it all, with commotion, one that nature so candidly can display down this avenue that is life. The drenched pastures, the fleur d’orange inundating the kitchen parlor or the crackling sound of haulm wrapped up, headed to the farm down the driveway. It might seem like an ordinary thing, but in a frenzied life that we live in, this is a bit of bliss that needs nothing but appreciation for the candor it brings. This is my world. A world of calm and ease, to inspire and acquire the taste of the land and smallest details of living. Be it a line from a book, a nostalgic emotion, or a walk through he woods in Portugal.

~Ana Zilhao

Notes: Photo: Jorge Verdasca with Forest of Ivy (Portugal). Quote via Make Believe Boutique

Look closely at this. (I mean really closely)

Redhead Girl, VivianaArts, drawing, sketch, Samuel Silva, Ballpoint pen art, bic

This photo was drawn with a ballpoint pen by Samuel Silva.  The 29-year old Portugal based artist is an attorney by profession.  Art is his hobby.  He uses just eight different colored ballpoint pens and creates photorealistic portraits of people, animals, and landscapes.  Each drawing can take from 5 to 50 hours to finish.  He doesn’t mix colors or blend them.  Ballpoint pen ink dries instantly and cannot be erased.  Read more and see more of Silva’s beautiful drawings at Deviant Art.

Source: Kaushik @Amusing Planet via Madame Scherzo

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