Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Western Meadowlark (Sturnella Neglecta). (Design Pics via AP)

Source: From an article on Noah Strycker, titled the Bird Man by Eva Holland. In 2015, Strycker had seen a record 6,042 bird species out of an estimated 10,000 species on the planet.  Strycker: “observing birds satisfies a ‘bone-deep, soul-deep need to classify and organize the world around us.”  The bird above is Oregon’s State Bird: the Western Meadowlark.



I took a sideboard breakfast of scrambled eggs, thick-cut bacon, sausage, grits, peaches, figs, grapefruit, tomato juice, milk, and pumpkin muffins…

From my table I looked through long windows onto a tomato patch from the year before; a meadowlark let loose a piece of plaintive song in the mist, and a recognition moved in my memory as if I’d been here before.

~ William Least Heat-Moon, Blue Highways: A Journey into America.

Notes: Photo – Philip L. Hinton in Kent, UK with Early Morning Mist

Monday Morning Bell


Source: Fairy-Wren (Eastern Meadowlark)

Monday Morning Wake-up Call

Thank you a-n-i-m-a-l-p-l-a-n-e-t for the eastern meadowlark

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