Wally’s Great Adventures (67 – VOLUME UP – Puppy Love!)

hello friends, wally here. sorry for not keeping up with my posts. i’ve been sort of distracted. i met a new friend (dad calls her my girl-friend and he says that i’m smitten). her name is ‘betty-white’, and she’s so cute. dad said she’s a dachshund mix. i don’t know about this ‘mix’ thing but she’s a mix of all the most beautiful things. and dad no longer calls me The Low Rider because Betty can run right under me with even having to bend her head. and she can motor. don’t tell dad that i really like Betty because he’s already saying that she’s a distraction from Show Quality Dog Training…that’s all everyone. have a great sunday.

Head-Over-Heals-In-Love, Wally. 


  1. That is so sweet. I’m happy for Wally, that he had a good time.


  2. Omg…
    So cute 🤩

    Wally, put your paws over your ears, I need to ask dad a question.

    “Is one of them at least fixed?”


  3. that is sweet love talking!

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  4. Good for you, Wally! First love is a special thing… Cherish it ❤️


  5. Ok, Wally – I’ll go along with the ruse (though I have a hunch dad is probably onto you already)…always good to have friends; there’s no such thing as too much love (the healthy kind)…

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  6. Ahhh, your first love, Wally. Savor every moment. Betty White is a cutie…


  7. Aww … such a cute couple! 😍


  8. Dachsies are best and this looks delightful and just ‘right’ (for now). Dad however should now have that man-to-man talk… it’s important! ❤️😉


  9. “They are babies”? Ah, now what Dad hasn’t said THAT? 🤞❤️


  10. You are so adorable together. I’m so happy for you Wally to have a cute friend to love. Betty White is so cute! (and so are you)


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