Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Q: I want you to think about the generation that comes after Generation Z, people born in the last 15 years. What things do you hope will be better for them than they were for your generation?

Elizabeth, 82, Kan., white, Republican, retired: I’d like to see less crime, less hatred and more kindness in this world.

Barbara, 71, Ore., white, Democrat, retired: I want to see the next generation be more concerned about taking care of this planet and each other as human beings. I want to see more tolerance.

Elaine, 83, Mass., white, independent, retired: I hope there’s going to be more kindness, people getting along. Right now, it’s just not good at all. We need more time, more love. Money’s not the answer to everything.

Ray, 76, N.J., Black, Democrat, retired: Hopefully the next generation will study our generation and correct our mistakes, because what’s happening in the world, we can’t pass it all off to the generations after us. We have been responsible for a lot of how the world has become today. And hopefully, the next generation will return to a feeling of being one set of people, united together as one country.

Elizabeth, 82, Kan., white, Republican, retired: Wisdom does come with age. It’s the little things in life that really do matter. You shouldn’t stress about so much in this world. It’s easier to just enjoy life and do what you can for others.

—  Kristen Soltis Anderson, excerpts from “Opinion | What Happened to America? We Asked 12 People in Their 70s and 80s.” (The New York Times · April 10, 2023)


  1. nice –


  2. I hope this generation has less to repair than those who came before. I hope they are able to instill a bit more grace, focus and resolve needed to re-create the concept known as democracy for all. I hope they can figure out how to navigate the gun lobby; find a place where pro-choice and right to lifers can meet; slow this inexorable crawl to destruction. Ideally, they’d take on this list sometime soon – even if they’re not yet of legal age..

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  3. WMS. We need this generation (and the next) to swing into action sooner rather than later. ☹️

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  4. Pretty unanimous – kindness is the need of the hour.

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  5. So many things in the world are “broken“ right now…far too many things to list here.

    We need to focus on REALLY taking care of each other and being kind (all 8 billion of us!).

    We need to invest in “Saving Mother Earth“ rather than focusing on increasing personal wealth, material possessions, and power.

    If those things don’t happen, then sadly, I cannot be optimistic about our future.

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  6. We failed them. And I hope things get better.

    But I see they are we better than us. They come with change.
    We didn’t change much.


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