Wally’s Great Adventures (67 – VOLUME UP – Puppy Love!)

hello friends, wally here. sorry for not keeping up with my posts. i’ve been sort of distracted. i met a new friend (dad calls her my girl-friend and he says that i’m smitten). her name is ‘betty-white’, and she’s so cute. dad said she’s a dachshund mix. i don’t know about this ‘mix’ thing but she’s a mix of all the most beautiful things. and dad no longer calls me The Low Rider because Betty can run right under me with even having to bend her head. and she can motor. don’t tell dad that i really like Betty because he’s already saying that she’s a distraction from Show Quality Dog Training…that’s all everyone. have a great sunday.

Head-Over-Heals-In-Love, Wally. 

It’s been a long day (15 sec)



Saturday Morning

I want to believe that
even though the world’s edges have become harder,
I maybe be able to find a warm, soft place in it.

~ Stewart Lewis, You Have Seven Messages

Quote: Quotes From Books

4:09 am and Inspired: Pandas + Puppies + More…

We’re opening Hump Day with a short one minute clip about Pandas.  (Now who doesn’t just love Panda cubs.)  And then on to my inspiring posts of the week…

From Baltimore, MD, George Amoss Jr. @ The Post Modern Quaker with his post:  The Zen of Quakerism. “If, when I’m feeling a little playful, someone were to ask me to summarize Quakerism in a sentence or two, I might say this: You have a heart. Use it.”

From Blacksburg, VA, Erica Ann Sipes @ Beyond the Notes is a pianist and cellist, who is asked by a graduate trumpet student (a Marine) to serve as his pianist for his recital.  In From Battlefield to Stage:  “The recital began and I was literally bursting with pride by the end.  Was it perfect?  No, of course not…The trumpet player knew where he was and what he was supposed to be doing and he met his mission in a way that I’m sure would make his fellow Marines very proud. Fifth lesson: Semper fidelis.  Semper fidelis.  To ourselves; to each other; to our passions; to our calling.”

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