Wally’s Great Adventures (65 – VOLUME UP – Help Me!)

Hello friends. Wally here. I had my first ever bath. No more words. Horror! Help Me! Have a Great Easter.

All-Clean Wally.


  1. Poor you, Wally. But as I tell my dogs, baths are important, especially if you want to sleep on my bed! Grin and bear it.


  2. Don’t feel too badly Wally. At least your hoomans don”t shear you like a sheep and expect you to be all ba’ba’appy about it!

    Apparently the groomer shaved 4 lbs of fur off me! Louise says it will take a load of my mind.

    I say Dawgwash!

    It makes my mind spin just remembering all the horror I went through to be what she calls ‘springtime’ ready!

    Don’t these hoomans know? We’re always ready to spring into action, don’t matter the season! — we don’t need baths and shearing to lighten us up!


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  3. Wally, I hate to break it to ya, but this is but one of the many indignities you will suffer at the hands of your hooomans. There will also be ear cleaning, nail trimming and tooth brushing. Staying clean and sassy lookin’ is no joke, little man, but the girls love nothing more than a guy with a clean coat and a fresh scent. Just sayin’…. soldier on, buddy, soldier on….

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  4. So many things to frighten you – but your mom was watching, and she takes bath time as a great opportunity to hold on to you!

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  5. aaawh, and one day, big boy, you’ll love to trot through puddles of dirt water, and roll in stinking dung – THEN you’ll see what ‘taking a bath’ really means…. and let me tell you, a freshly washed dog-boy smells truly irresistible !

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  6. Maybe you’ll learn to love these baths like Emma (your west coast blog dog buddy) does.

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  7. Don’t worry Wally…it’s worth it!! After bath time comes treats and playtime!!!

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  8. I suggest you ask for some nice lavender next time and it will seem that you’re rolling in nature


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