Wally’s Great Adventures (59 – VOLUME UP – I’M HUNGRY)

hello friends, wally here. been playing with Sully for 2 days, and i’m gassed!  and you know, when you work hard and play hard you get really really hungry, right? well, there’s no breaking the rules in this house, 3 meals a day, 7am, noon and 5pm, and no deviations.  and 1/3 of a cup of puppy chow for each meal, and it has to be level to the top and not heaping. i love mom but she’s a meany-cat and immovable. just look at those pics of me, i’m withering away and you can see my hip bones. this is a dangerous situation. so i decided to share with mom Pearl Jam’s tune “Hunger Strike” so maybe she’d get it or i’m going on a no-more-cute strike. will keep you all posted. have a great evening. yours truly hungry Wally.


  1. you are almost skin and bones! )

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  2. niasunset says:

    Lovely Wally, actually which one is right I am not sure. With our four cats (I call them My Little BIG Cats) we can’t do this. Yes, our vet says it should me food time like yours and at these eating time we should feed them. But impossible… none of them obeys… So we still give their food that they can eat whenever they want… But only Cesur is a very big… because he eats more than others… we can’t stop him. Anyway, Your humans think of you lovely Wally, Thank you, Love, nia


  3. Poor you, Wally. Your mom and dad are just looking out for you so you don’t get sick. Maybe if you’re really good, they’ll give you a little treat.


  4. Hey Wally – I’m hoping you had breakfast by now and a little less ‘hangry’. You know, you sounded an awful lot like your dad – a bit grumpy for sure, and a skosh critical? It always help to keep one parent o your good side, you know? In my opinion, you look great – mom must be doing something right…😉


  5. Mom and Dad just want you to live longer, Wally. If you were fat, you’d have all sorts of issues. And you wouldn’t be able to run and definitely will never go on walks with Dad…


  6. Maybe gnawing on a denta-bone of some sort fits the “Hey, I’m waiting over here!” bill — though idk if puppy teeth are up to that. How about one of Dad’s socks? (Our puppy liked good leather shoes, but THAT wasn’t the best idea!)


  7. Poor skinny little Wally. Never gets fed. Starving baby dog. I feel so bad for him. Should I send a CARE package?


  8. Ahhh, Wally, you must have a kinship with your Florida friend Beau, who is certain that he is always on the verge of starvation and has an internal clock that runs of Greenwich Mean Time, thereby ensuring that Mom is never late with (or God forbid misses) a meal.

    I know you’re hungry after working out with Sully, little man, but your mom is just acting responsibly and making sure you don’t end up with extra junk in the trunk. A heavy dog is not a happy dog, and we want you to always, always be happy. Have a little extra water, dude. That always helps me tamp down hunger pangs….

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  9. That puppy-thin is heartrending, Wally!


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