Saturday Morning


Few people know how to take a walk.
The qualifications are
plain clothes,
old shoes,
an eye for nature,
good humor,
vast curiosity,
good speech,
good silence

and nothing too much.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Notes: Quote: Photo: Patty Maher (via My Modern Met)


  1. Looks to me like that girl went walking in her nightie!

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  2. I might add a dog….

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  3. … and $2 & my camera.

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  4. one of my favorite things to do.


  5. True…and today I would add a dog. Just back from a 2-mile morning walk with Dylan, a brand new family member.

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  6. Perfect for Saturday morning! Particularly struck by the speech and silence. I have a few unfinished entires on ‘walking’. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  7. No ear buds, David!

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  8. Christie says:

    I will comment on the image…It must be the particular yarn red color of color of her hair (close enough) that makes me think of Raggedy Ann comes alive, only she is missing the striped leggings and the pinafore. I am sure her tag along brother, Andy is trailing close behind. // Sometimes it is nice to have a walking/hiking companion. Old shoes well I understand, as I am breaking in a new pair of hiking boots. Soon, the new hikers will reach the honored position of being the fodder for some of my photography, acing out my old worn- in Oakley Technical, hikers 🙂 Best boot ever!

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  9. Emerson’s voice and message is spot on. Sorry I missed this earlier.

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  10. Loving Patty Maher’s work!

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