Aspiring to be a (fill in the blank here)…


You aspire to be a writer, a photographer, a painter, an actor, a journalist – an anything.  You need to take a few moments to read this excerpt and then continue on to the full post.

“I read those words, and had a sticky, squirmy reaction; I felt the way I do when I stand back and witness the horror of someone else’s undoing. It’s a tight kink in the stomach; a hard walnut in the throat. We’ve all been there, haven’t we: we’ve seen the speaker who loses the words. The young actor who blanks out on stage. The musician who forgets the chords. The writer — the food writer; science writer; academic; novelist; it doesn’t matter — blocked by fear. We wince. Who are they to even try, some whisper as we watch them tumble from their place. When it comes our time, we become that person, naked on the stage: doubtful, panicky, assured by the nagging, the poison, the gossipy gremlin chatter over our shoulders, promising that we too, will most certainly, most definitely, fail…”

Read entire post here: Elissa Altman @ Poor Man’s Feast.




  1. “Who are they to even try?” Well, braver than I am in most cases. Publishing my writing has certainly given me that feeling more than once! You really set yourself up for criticism when you “try,” but you swallow that walnut in your throat and go for it anyway.

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  2. Great inspiration and the art is incredible, so glad you posted.

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  3. DD: Left a wee-small message for you on Elissa’s site…..

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    • Can’t find it????


      • Raye April 2, 2016 at 11:59 am

        David Kanigan sent a flock (I’m sure) of us over to view your expansive territory of thought. I continue to be deeply in love with his ability to transport. It is always for The Good. Thank you, Darling David.

        Tomorrow. Those are your words. The Tomorrows. Thank you, as well, for the reminder to use Tomorrow wisely and with much gusto. There’s also that “get over yourself” thought just for good measure…

        28 Elissa April 2, 2016 at 12:47 pm

        Thank you David. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  4. Thanks you so much!! Love what you share!

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  5. and who are we to be so presumptuous as to assume we will fail? who are we not to try? who are we not to stand up again if we do fall and fail?

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  6. OH. MY. Thank you!

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  7. I often ‘aspired’ to becoming a ‘real’ artist. In later life I finally did do 4 years of art education and was disappointed with it. It made me realize that my own work, created in my own way over the years, was far more important to me… and also that I didn’t have to ‘aspire’ to become a ‘real’ artist… I had already been an artist.

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  8. So grateful to you for posting my piece here, and sharing it with your readers. Many sincere thanks.

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  9. Many experience the panic of forgotten lines, the lose for words on the written page or paint that dries on the brush; when they lose sight of the thing that they are doing, only because they have become too aware that it is they who are the ones doing it.

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  10. Thanks for sharing this post. She says, “Know your own bone.” That encompasses so much in a creative person’s skeleton.

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