Saturday Morning (that hopeful sounding on the roof)


It’s raining this morning.
That hopeful sounding on the roof.
I can almost hear the roots
suck water through their fragile hairs,
raising it through the tough trunk
into the cloud-shaped canopy of the live oak […]

Can’t you remember being a child,
opening your mouth to the rain?

— Ellen Bass, “Sometimes I’m frightened

Sources: Photo by t does wool– “walking between the raindrops.’ Poem – Memory’s Landscape


  1. Oh yes I remember too well,
    the rain always seemed to miss my small mouth to my dismay

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  2. …in those golden days of childhood when I didn’t care if my hair frizzed! Must try it again, wearing my shower cap. That should entertain the neighbours. Seriously now, we’re just had a fortnight of no rain and this makes for exceedingly dry soil as we live on chalk.

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  3. yes and i still do that with all of the littles in my world. mouths open, eyes to the sky –

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  4. I remember it well and delighted in the prospect of a proverbial water fountain from the sky!! Cher xo

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  5. We all need a little drink of rain for our soul! 🙂

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  6. I still do that, sometimes 🙂

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  7. It must be coming. All the farmers were out in the fields in the dark last night, behemoth harvesters with sodium lights. I thought, the only reason every single field looks like a football stadium would be the threat of rain.

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  8. Childhood and the companion of rain…praying it would only occur as I slept…when it did open up in the day we’d put on our boots and walk, stomp, splash & play in the gutters, launching Popsicle stick rafts into the great unknown wondering what it would have been like to be on the “Voyage of the Kon Tiki”…We were thankful that the neighbors had a large covered porch to protect us from the rain and of course shaded us from the summer sun…we played tag, button button, roller skated, made crafts, read and told stories, etc we rarely saw rain in the summer…I have a trio of photos of my daughter with her bouncing head of curls, dressed in short sleeves, pants and rain boots jumping and splashing in the remaining rain puddles after a cloud burst..she was joyous in delight..she was two or three…so very cute and sweet. I am so thankful that those memorable, photos exist 🙂

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  9. This video is worth watching..and to think that he couldn’t swim…Thor Heyerdahl.what a strong, adventurous name..

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  10. Beautiful, I love it the innocent of kids.


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