SMWI*: Alternate Universe vs. Reality


An alternate universe: Beauty. Grace. Health.

An then the unfortunate reality:



  • SMWI* = Saturday Morning Workout Inspiration
  • Ballet Dancer Photo: Ronnie Boehm, A. Ion, Vienna State Opera Ballet School. Thank you Carol at Radiating Blossom
  • Sad Monkey Belly Picture:



  1. Yup – about right..maybe a little less hairy.

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  2. Reality… sucks….so suck it in.

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  3. David: lol :>), and I won’t even go there!

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  4. Dare I ask how that planking exercise is progressing?….

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  5. I just spewed my coffee. Funny!

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  6. My version has a lot more chins.

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Smile …. love the captured moments!! Both …

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  8. A perfect body in motion. Miss my Ballet.

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  9. how about somewhere in between?

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  10. Lol

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  11. Beautiful… the first one at least. ^_^

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  12. *Lol*. Very nice, David 😀

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  13. yes (

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  14. Mmm yeah reality isn’t always kind to us!! but you made us all laugh David and thats good for our soul and reality. 🙂 🙂

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  15. Awww…Sad Monkey (love the caption!!) tomorrow is another day… 🙂

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  16. 😆 Isn’t that usually the case, David?

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