My mouth waters in anticipation of summer peaches


…I’ve noticed about myself recently that I stare out the window and daydream when I’m desperate. The unrelenting beam of information aimed at me via the computer screen too often occupies my eyes. The mind silts up with details, images, pleas for help, advertisements, and thousands of worthy campaigns for social change. “Life shouldn’t be this hard,” I think. Eventually, nothing can float freely in the stream of my consciousness; everything is stuck. After some time staring at my mind-mud, I turn to the window. I watch butterflies and wonder about color variations on peaches…

By mid-afternoon the view outside my window is deep in shade. Pigeons and doves are settled in alongside the owl. The butterflies are absent— perhaps moved on to warmer microclimes. The dark green leaves are still. A rusty bedspring leans against the fence and trash from the alley dumpster is caught in the fence. I give over my intellect, my tired eyes, and some part of my soul to the cool of the afternoon. I rest…

Isn’t this kind of holy daydreaming an essential quality of Sabbath? I learn humility from a tree that flowers, fruits, and multiplies whether I sleep or am awake. I am awed by butterflies that can trace the scent of sweetness without extensive computer-generated data and global positioning satellites. I look out my window through the security bars. My mouth waters in anticipation of summer peaches.

~ Rose Marie Berger

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  • Rose Marie Berger, an associate editor of Sojourners, is a Catholic peace activist and poet. Rose has lived in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C. since the late 1980s. In the course of a 20 plus-year career in faith-based activism, advocacy journalism, and pastoral leadership, she has proven to be a skilled organizer, exceptional writer, visionary pastoral leader, and innovative teacher of biblical literacy. Rose holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in poetry from the University of Southern Maine (2005) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from the University of California at Davis (1985).
  • Artist (Peach 2) by Mustafa Hulusi via aptglobal


  1. My hand is itching to pluck it.


  2. “I learn humility from a tree that flowers..” how perfect. How right.


  3. A peach just within has dews or rain drops on it’s skin and on leaves..colors so balanced..taste would be great..imagining a peach ..hanging from a tree.. 🙂

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  4. “Life shouldn’t be this hard.” A recurrent theme for me of late (not that my life is hard per se), but rather the insistent message, coming from the universe from so many different angles, “Appreciate the little things, take the time to notice, express gratitude for your many blessings, be in the moment, live. Now. Thx for one more little nudge, DK, and a very happy Sunday, my friend….

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  5. If you ever get down this way during the Summer, call me and I’ll take you to hundreds of acres of peach orchards as I live near Johnston, SC…”Peach Capital of The World”…no, really.

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  6. Peaches- one of God’s tasty creations. How delicious!

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  7. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on MrMilitantNegro™.

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  8. yes, these moments of hope and belief that the simple things, like sunny days, get us through .

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  9. Not a photo? Wow!

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