SMWI*: Ain’t no grave can hold my body down

SMWI* = Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration


  1. love this.


  2. Images were terrific (except for the dead calf). Loved the music too. Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Here we go 2014!


  4. The dead calf bothered me too…though I loved the rest. Hope your going to use the treadmill today instead of letting the frigid air assault your lungs!!


  5. Ain’t no page can hold your words down, either, David. I enjoyed the horse shaking his head and entire body as if to say “No, no, no.” I am really enjoying your posts as part of my new morning ritual … Once again, thanks for sharing …


  6. Wonderful song, David. A very inspirational video. 🙂


  7. OK, now (I think) I’m ready to embrace the cold for an afternoon run along the river! Love SMWI, David. Thanks!


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