Jeannie grants you one wish today

Maldives,beach,tropics,vacation,holiday,sun,photography, sand

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  1. Ohhh, but you are a cruel tease, Mr. Kanigan. I’m rubbing my little lamp like a fiend, but sadly, I’m still gazing out on a blanket of white, lovingly preserved in nature’s “little fridge” at 5 degrees…..sigh….


  2. and me with no lamp, no brownies, and nothing but quiet as my companion on this fine day. i imagine i am there.


  3. MaldivesDreamer says:

    Well my one wish for the day is to be there – in the picture! Just breathtaking!!


  4. I’m trying to imagine myself there right now! -40C yesterday with windchill…Montreal was colder than Alaska yesterday. Today is still a very chilly -20ish…Brrr~~


  5. The scene is sadly missing my footprints, and those of all of you!


  6. Dream on.


  7. I bought a new lamp earlier today, but I think now I bought the wrong one. Sigh.
    No brownies here either.


  8. This photo makes me so sad. I’m currently housebound thanks to a good old fashioned Cape Breton blizzard!!


  9. Well…I’m glad none of you will be able to throw stones at me when I say it’s been in the 60’s here in California this week. Sorry…stay warm, David.


  10. I wish!


  11. The beach has never been my dream destination. Give me cacti and lizards!


  12. Yes, yes, beam me there please!!! 🙄


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