SMWI*: Landing somewhere between 1 and 2

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SMWI* = Saturday Morning Work-out Inspiration



  1. Not sure what to say, pal, except you’re moving in the right direction… ;-). As long as you don’t enjoy too much Prosecco and popcorn, I have every confidence that you’ll be at three in no time. Hang in there!! 🙂


  2. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    You’re halfway to your goal. Congratulations and keep up the good work!


  3. David, lol! And…”one day of exercise in a row”??? You should be a stand-up comedian.


  4. It’s so easy to put the weight on and SO hard to take it off. Now I ask you, “Is that fair?”


  5. you look good in this picture, David.


  6. I am the only person who isn’t buying all of this kiddo…I think your mind’s eye and the reality are more than a little different…I’m thinkin’ you are in way better shape than you will ever give yourself credit for – so I will. And you can dismiss me and tell me I’m wrong and I’ll laugh and just keep believing the better reality..;-)


    • Smiling (first). Then think: Mimi, You’re Dismissed!


      • Oh nice, really nice buddy o’ mine. Kick me to the curb because I’m not going to let you self-deprecate without limits? Hmm…Smiling (sort of). Then think: he knoweth not of the might of the little person jumping up and down on his shoulder. Visual – the little fat fairy in a Disney movie – I think her name was Merriweather.


        • Laughing. 2 thoughts. 1) Ye who coaches on “self-deprecation” should take 2 pills of the same medicine. 2) DISMISS. DISMISS. DISMISS. DISMISS.


          • Clearly you were deprived of Disney fairy tales when you were a child…the little fat fairy doesn’t go anywhere – she just flies around knocking into things and pointing her wand in the wrong direction and then sighing happily at the end of the movie before flitting into a tree or something. Fuggedaboutit. The chick’s staying.


          • I was deprived. But I’m certainly getting all barrels now. Laughing. 🙂


  7. Alex Jones says:

    Nothing wrong with being a sumo wrestler in the gym.


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