Still Standing.

The Cove, Stamford, CT

The stone walkway may be 2.5 feet at its narrowest point.  The shore line is 7-8 feet down from the walkway.  It’s narrow, it is a ways down and I’m always wary.  I must have been daydreaming.  Or better stated, distracted by day-work-worrying.

I’m on my morning run.

My right forearm slams into the end of the steel I-beam guard rail.  Here it comes. A car crash in slow motion.  A Bruce Lee flick.  With much less grace.  The I-beam doesn’t move.  But it moves me.  It spins me around.  Full Stop. Drop.  Roll.  Air explodes out of my chest.  I’m gasping for air.  More stunned than hurt.  I’m down flat on my back for a few seconds, grateful that I didn’t plunge into the mud and frigid waters in the bay.  I look around to see if anyone caught the show.  No one is yelling “Man Down.  Man Down.”  We’re clear.  Pride intact.

photo (3)

I get up.  Brush myself off.  Start running again.  Return to my running pace. I look down at my forearm.  My red sweat-shirt blazing through the tears.  My forearm is throbbing.  (Can knock me down, but can’t stop me.  I still have IT.  Just another hockey stick slash to the forearm – I’ve suffered through hundreds.  I make a fist and pain shoots up my arm.  I touch it.  Tender.  Hmmmmmmm.  I wonder what it looks like underneath.  Yes, I still have it.  Yes I do.)

I note that the i-Gear and e-gear is undamaged.  (A careless fall plus my steadfast refusal to buy equipment insurance could have resulted in treble damages.  Could have been a expensive 5 mile morning run.)

Be good if Tom Petty and Free Falling cycled to the front of my playlist at that moment.  Light.  Alive.  Summer. Youth.

Instead, it’s Neil Young’s “Old Man

I’ve been first and last
Look at how the time goes past.
But I’m all alone at last.
Rolling home to you.

Rolling.  Rolling home to Nap Time.

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  1. I’ve never liked any kind of exercise first thing. I eat breakfast first and promise myself I’ll get exercise during the day. Sometimes I do. Its because its hard to be mindful when I’m half asleep. Was that your problem? Or did the guardrail just get in your way?


  2. rolling home to nap time 🙂 ha ha ha
    hope the bruise isn’t too big ?!?!


  3. David! OMG, hope you’re okay! And…how is it that you can write both painful and funny at the same time. I couldn’t help but smile every now and then. But, overall, I FEEL for ya! Take care my friend… 🙂


  4. Only us old runners understand a post like this. “There but for the grace of . . . “


  5. Oh my goodness. Is it your eating arm too? Maybe it will slow that down? lol.


  6. I hope you aren’t on the computer and instead have a bag of frozen peas on your arm. I blame Endomondo – I always do. That’s a heckuva tear on your sweatshirt and undoubtedly there will be an impressive bruise underneath. You have to beware of moving guardrails – they can come at you from anywhere..


  7. Oh! That must have HURT!! So sorry for you!


  8. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    LAUGHING! “I look around to see if anyone caught the show.” That’s FUNNY!
    So glad to see you actually went running after the previous post…


  9. Been there, done something darn like that! Love the drama of your story, and the acceptance.


  10. Oh man, David, I’m betting you are sporting a nasty bruise after that maneuver! So glad that it wasn’t worse. FYI, running is not typically a full-contact sport… Take care of yourself and as Mimi said, frozen peas…:-)


    • Yep, bruised. And on inside of forearm. And you have to asked yourself, how did I possibly hit the pointed side of the i-beam with the inside of my arm. You have to TRY to be that stupid.


  11. Isn’t self-journalism amazing? 😀


  12. Ouch! You be careful out there!


  13. Michael Zahaby says:

    Glad you’re safe! be careful out there


  14. Hope your arm heals quickly, Dave. Yet another hazard of running to add to the list — things can bang into you faster and harder. Walking’s better I think. It’s a lower impact exercise…


  15. So sorry for you but you are brave. I hope it doesn’t take much time to heal. God bless you.


  16. Battle scars are *so* hot.


  17. What a shock to the system, David. My jogging hubby has suffered a couple of ‘crashes’ too. Hope your arm is feeling better by now.


  18. Sorry for the pain David. At least your pride is intact and you got some good writing material out of it. I fell off of a spinning cycle in spin class. My feet were still strapped in. Not so graceful and my pride took a big hit. I have had fun telling the story though.
    Thanks for sharing. I empathize. 🙂


    • Thanks Brenna. I’m sorry to say but your visual of being strapped into the spinning cycle was too much – I had to laugh. Still laughing in fact. Were you turning the corner on the highway when you fell. (I’m sorry. I had to get that in.)

      I had similar experience on a fancy racing bike – which I didn’t belong on – shoes were tucked into pedal straps, I couldn’t get my feet out – crash. (Yes, that hurt too.) Thanks for sharing your experience. Feel less alone now. 🙂


  19. Terrific photo.Your images are fantastic!


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