The Blue…

Friends go Tuna fishing off the coast of Santa Cruz.  They do catch fish.  And so much more.  Don’t worry if you don’t like fish or fishing.  You’ll find this clip beautiful and mesmerizing.  Hang in there beyond 1.5 minutes when it all begins.  Thank you Rob Firchau at The Hammock Papers for another terrific share.  His blog is a frequent stop, and you’ll soon see why…

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  1. Amazing!! This almost looks like a 3-D video game…their faces are so gorgeous and yes, ‘magical’…I loved this David.


  2. Thanks for making my Sunday morning so bright! LOVE it! ❤


  3. Yes, beautiful and mesmerizing…thanks David.


  4. Love dolphins…amazing creatures!


  5. I think their smiles were infectious…..I grinned the whole video. Loved the guitar too!


  6. Ditto for me, David! These creatures are magnificent. I’ve always wanted to have the courage to swim with them….


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