5:29am and Inspired…

We’re kicking off Hump Day with John Mayer & “Slow Dancing In a Burning Room.”    And then on to inspirational posts by my favorite bloggers.

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Living in Two Different Worlds. But operating in one mind.

My Uncle.

  • Husband. 
  • Father of three terrific (now adult) children.
  • Retired Millwright.
  • Beekeeper. (He’d offer so sweet honeycomb picked off a hot knife)
  • Gardener. (He’d bring over juicy plums, peaches and apricots)
  • Farmer. (Hay Baler Cotter pins busting. Yelling and scrambling to get alfalfa in before rain)
  • Base singer in Men’s Choir. (Deep, Deep voice)
  • Photographer. (Black & White specialty including film processing in his dark room)
  • Cyclist. (20+ miles a loop.  Pumping up and down.  Relentless.  And alone)
  • Cross-Country Skier. (10+ miles a pop.  Traversing the most difficult Monashee Mountain terrain.  Alone)
  • Volunteer Organizer for Charity
  • Woodcarver/Artisan. (Handcrafted jewelry boxes.  Smooooooooth.  Wood grain glistening.)

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