5:29am and Inspired…

We’re kicking off Hump Day with John Mayer & “Slow Dancing In a Burning Room.”    And then on to inspirational posts by my favorite bloggers.

From Newark, Ohio, Kurt Harden @ Cultural Offering with his post Ripe:  “Today is ripe.  It calls to be plucked from the stem and eaten up.  Though some may try, it cannot be canned or jarred or otherwise stored away.  It is at its peak and will be no good tomorrow.  It gets no better than it is right now and is bursting with anticipation.  Bite in.  Let the juice roll down your chin.  Enjoy the whole thing today.”

From Toronto, Canada, Tobey Days with her post: Einstein. Gandhi. And You. The World Needs You Now Because You Matter: Whether we are five, fifteen, or fifty years old, we are genius. The world needs our contribution. The world needs us to recognize that We All Matter. Significance is critical to all of us and it isn’t found in the glare of a spotlight, on a marquee, or through thundering applause. Your, and everyone’s, significance is found through sharing the realization that We All Matter ~ that we all are equal and sacred.  It is possible to change the world with these two words: You Matter…We can expect great things.

From London, England, Pavlos Kapralos @ Coaching Dreams: …I could not find a title…The next 50 sec video is about a boy that hears for the first time in his life, after he has received a new hearing implant. It has already been watched by almost 4.000.000 people (by now – end of spring of 2012). It might be well known to most of you, but I cannot help posting it, as I think it touches not one but many chords.  Yes it did Pavlos.  It did touch a cord with me.

From the Netherlands, Marinus @ headlikeanorange: If you are having trouble getting out of bed this morning, check out the photos of Mandarin ducklings.  24 hours old and jumping out of bed (nest) to follow their Mother.

Gotta fly people!  Gotta fly!  Have a great Hump Day!

Thank you Marion Driessen @ Figments of a Dutchess for the John Mayer inspiration.

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  1. Alex Jones says:

    There is a certain element of trust in the duck that it will be unharmed from jumping from that high.


  2. Love the Today is Ripe referral. Great Wednesday post, per usual…..thanks.


  3. A perfect way to greet the day – from one who needed a jump start this morning.


  4. Those ducklings are totally adorable, David! And interesting favorite posts. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, my blog’s name is ‘Figments of a DuTchess’. I know the official word is Duchess, but I changed it into Dutchess. Since I’m Dutch 😉


  5. Great start to the day. You have me up and off like a duck out of water.



  6. I am thinking like a duck! Jump!


  7. Wow, LOVE that duckling, David! If that’s not the embodiment of trust, I don’t know what is. And ya *can’t* go wrong with John Mayer. Great start to the day–can ALWAYS count on you!! 🙂


  8. And I meant to say that the video with the baby was incredible, too!


  9. Okay, I’ve got a “jump” on the day now.


  10. lkanigan says:

    Great post. Just watch the boy who could hear last night. Still amazes me how the little things are huge!! Those ducks are awesome. They look so natural you would think they were doing this for years.


  11. I could just feel the parents joy of seeing their son hear for the first time…what a wonderful thing thanks for sharing.


  12. Thanks David… Felt great to see my post among these 3 beautiful posts. Have a lovely day!


  13. It has been a crazy day, so I am just getting around to reading your hump day jump start at 7:00 pm. However, it is a great way to jump start my evening as I sit down to help my daughter with Algebra. Uhh – Thanks, David. 🙂


  14. Good song but tragically sad. How many couples settle for ‘slow dancing in a burning room’?


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