Wally’s Great Adventures (68 – VOLUME UP – Walk of Life!)

hello friends, wally here. we went for a walk at woodland park yesterday. wow, so many things to smell and do. i met some new friends including a black newfoundland, she was GIANT, but so friendly. dad said i have a lot of show quality training to do as i wasn’t that good at jumping from rock to rock or crawling over logs. dad told mom to stop babying me, and let me figure it out. i love mom, and dad walked away mumbling ‘she just can’t help herself.’ i’m so glad mom can’t help herself, whatever that means. have a great sunday. Wally.


  1. Yes you walked along the park and such wonderful time. Anita

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  2. I’m so glad everyone understands the soft-heart of your mom..and the high standards of your dad.

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  3. What great fun to get out there and explore new places and friends!

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  4. good cop, bad cop. you know who is who

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  5. Hi Wally! Looks like you had a great adventure! Good for you! That photo of you with the black Newfoundland is wonderful! I hope you’ve got a new buddy! Keep enjoying the outdoors, and have a great Sunday!

    Dave Re: the background music: that was one of the first CDs I ever purchased. Love it!

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  6. A great video with the perfect background music. You are looking well so your mom and dad are looking after you! Snuggles. xo

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  7. Wally looks so great in those natural surroundings. What a lovely dog.

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  8. Wally, you look like an LL Bean model in these pix….positively dashing! As for dad and his grousing, let ‘er go in one ear and out the other, pal. Mom’s got your back, of that I am certain.

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  9. I live so vicariously through these posts. I grew up and through early adulthood with dogs, and unfortunately, we can’t have them now and I miss them. So these posts are great!

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  10. Wally, you’re looking less puppyish all the time –what a muscular physique! It’s never been a wonder to me why sweet sassy Frenchies have become super-popular companions.😊 You go do that walk of life, guy, 100%!


  11. Little guy you are becoming a little dude! Enjoy the great outdoors❣️


  12. Dad is just jealous because his knees probably don’t allow him to jump over rocks like a show quality human. Don’t let him get to you.


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