I had one good ear that afternoon

I had one good ear that afternoon, and it let me hear Golaski’s voice. What I also heard: the brush of my feet in grass and dry leaves and the pops of breaking twigs. Wind: the stop and start of it you can’t predict, or control. Skittering insects, chirps of forty birds, fifty clicks, chitters, squees, throat clearing, a rusty hinge squeal, a piping, pinched flutes, calls like a finger on a wet glass, return calls. The green insect almost too small to see— you couldn’t make out its shape, just a speck of green… the sound of lake water lapping a shore, the coos of doves interwoven with less familiar birds, the harmless buzz of insects with beautiful names: nyenje, usubi, nyuki.

John Cotter, Losing Music: A Memoir (Milkweed Editions, April 11, 2023)

Book Review by Lisa Zeidner titled “In his moving memoir, John Cotter anticipates a world without sound. ‘Losing Music’ offers readers a compelling portrait of what life is like with the rare and incurable condition Ménière’s disease. (Washington Post, April 12, 2023)


  1. so touching and heartbreaking

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  2. Not sure why I’m in tears…and yet.

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  3. very nice descriptions

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  4. Sounds like a moving read, pal. That faint sound you just heard? Another book hitting the bedside table reading list…. 😉

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  5. What a beautiful way to experience life. It’s sad that most of us take all these things for granted, until we lose them.


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