Wally’s Great Adventures (56 – Workin’ 9-5)

hello friends, wally here. i started my morning being an apprentice banker, and it didn’t end well because…oops dad told me not to share it with all my lady friends on social media as they are so over-the-top sloppy wally lovers, whatever that means, so he sent me out to do yard work with mom. mom said i am the best yard dog ever. i love mom, (and dad only because he gives me so many snacks.) Have a great evening. Wally. #frenchie #frenchbulldog #pet #dog #funny #wally #cute


  1. Nothing good to eat in there huh Wally? Bummer. Next time ask mom to throw a BIG piece of prime rib inside before you go exploring. OK… Maybe that’s a bit much. I doubt Mom will go for that. So instead, wait until the bag is empty! Then you can go inside and tear it to shreds! I bet that would be fun. If I were smaller, I would get in there and help you!

    PS: have you hired someone to make “TEAM, WALLY“ stuff yet? I want at least two T-shirts, two sweatshirts, and a baseball cap! Oh… And may be a beach ball! Are you having those made?

    Hope you have a great day Wally! Keep exploring. Exploring is fun!

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  2. you are learning so many skills, soon you’ll be a renaissance pup!


  3. Wally is so helpful, get him on the riding mower next!

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  4. Oh little one, you delight all of us! Your wandering into the Costco bag made me think of my own sense of direction – I would never be able to find my way out of a paper bag, even if there was only one way out. But you are intrepid and I know mom had a blast hanging with you…favorite pup parents are made that way, you know..😉

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  5. <

    div dir=”ltr”>I can hear Dolly Part


  6. Wally, you’re living to the right soundtrack! Dolly Parton always seems to enjoy life even working 9 to 5! And, Dolly grew up with all the farm animals.

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  7. He’s helping with the yardwork. Good for him. Learning responsibilities. Now if you can train him to pick up his own poop and put it in the bag….


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