Monday Morning Wake Up Call

Photo 1 was taken this morning.

Photo 2 was taken in March 2022.

Oh, what a year makes.

Yes, different weather.

No, I was not standing in the exactly the same spot, and likely not the same focal length.

But close enough for you to get the point.

Photo 1 was taken after the completion of a major dredging project this winter to remove “sediments and debris” from the marina and channels.

Yes, it is likely that the park’s upkeep depends on marina revenue.

Yes, certain boat owners’ livelihood may depend on the marina.

No, this isn’t close to being on the same scale of the Amazon deforestation.


For more photos from this morning’s walk, click here.


  1. High end urban renewal, but it appears the dredging company took the moon 🤔

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  2. ‘But…’ indeed..Not sure how anyone can be a climate change denier..

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  3. Sad loss


  4. Dredging aside, the photos are beautiful.


  5. What WFA said! 😊


  6. Christie says:

    Both photos, gorgeous…No. 2 is so striking and ethereal…if I was fortunate to have a collection of some of your amazing photos (probably at least 300 or more photos) -no. 2 would need to be one of them…


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