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Take a moment for yourself…Every day. A Moment. A moment where YOU are your own priority. Just you… Not your work…not your filthy house, not anything. Just you…. Whatever you need, whatever you want, whatever you seek, reconnect with it in that moment…Then recommit…

On the other hand, wasn’t that the very definition of life? Constant adaptations brought about by a series of never-ending mistakes? ….

And as humans, we’re by-products of our upbringings, victims of our lackluster educational systems, and choosers of our behaviors. In short, the reduction of women to something less than men, and the elevation of men to something more than women, is not biological: it’s cultural. And it starts with two words: pink and blue. Everything skyrockets out of control from there…

Bonnie Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel (Doubleday, April 5, 2022)


  1. Second recommendation in 2 days!


  2. Looks like a good read 👍🏻


  3. Love this…I would also love to live it, but where is the time? Lol


  4. Just finished reading this in my book club. It was a fun read!


  5. I loved this book!

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  6. Wow! Impressive words. On my list to read.


  7. Love everything she says that you quoted. Speaking of book clubs, a friend invited me to join an about to start Feminist Book Club with THE DOUBLE X ECONOMY by Linda Scott. This nonfiction is certainly no page turner and although brilliant I don’t expect anyone to put it on their list (unless they are economists).


  8. A fun read…and she makes her point well!


  9. Christie says:

    For some reason, I think of the book, Little Women…how Josephine March had to use the name “Joe March” to even get her work, looked at…/// I’ve first hand, observed, the battle of the sexes through the history of the 1960’s to today… Everyone should be valued as a person, We all have our strengths and weaknesses…we’re all WIP…We All need to nurture ourselves, So We can effectively contribute to the betterment of All…


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