Wally’s Great Adventures (29).

hello friends, wally here. i was helping dad with his work yesterday. he said that it’s a stretch to call it ‘helping’ and that i was a ‘piss-poor’ banker, and i should add that to the list of things i can’t do, incl. can’t fetch shit. i barked at dad and said that wasn’t very nice, and i didn’t want to do stupid fetch or to be a stupid banker staring at a screen all day and not be able to play outside in sunshine, so it didn’t matter if i was bad at those things. dad said i needed a job to make money and buy my own place some day. I told him FALSE!, as i want to be just like eric when i grow up, live at home with mom and dad, get all the great benefits and have to do nothing, what a deal. dad didn’t seem to know how to respond to that. 

i asked dad if we could take a selfie together and share it with all my friends today, and asked him why he didn’t take selfies  — dad said no selfies! and that was that. and since dad and i were chillin’ on the couch this morning i decided i was going to be the best puppy ever.

Ok, 30 sec are up for being good, i see my toy basket, and im going to find something to play with. have a great weekend everyone. Wally. 




  1. I love how Jet digs down the bottom of his toy box with just his feet hanging out. Wally is so cute. Banker, what are you doing now?

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  2. Thank you for making me not only smile, but erupt in laughter today, Wally!! Beautiful dose of happiness—what a gift you are! ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Wally, you are a little ray of sunshine. You don’t need to be a banker or anything else for that matter. Your job is to keep members of the Kanigan household happy, smiling and on their toes, and it looks to me like you are excelling in every way. Go get ‘em, tiger!

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  4. Hey little guy, I think your dad is happier having you to kibbitz and play with, than he would be having you crunch numbers with your little paws…

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  5. Hi Wally. Dot here. You can stay at home and live rent-free as long as you like. No matter what they tell you, dogs don’t have to pay rent. We just have to look at everyone with big goofy eyes and cuddle the humans once in a while. Today it’s been two years since my mom and dad adopted Lia. What were they thinking? And they don’t charge her rent either!

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  6. Wally, I can see from this set of photos that you’re bigger already.. slow down! ❤️

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  7. Dear Wally,

    Again, I feel you. Who cares about fetching a ball. I don’t get it. I can never, for the life of me, catch a ball. I duck instead.

    Bankers, like daddy, lead a monotonous and rigid existence. Thank God for you coming into his life.

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  8. What a sweetheart he is!

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  9. Wally is awesome!

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  10. Just because Eric won’t be a banker, and probably won’t even fetch, that’s not your responsibility. Maybe Big Daddy can make money from your cuteness and someone can put together all the photos and stories of your blessed life–there just may be a market for this mixture of child and adult story of “The New Puppy” subtitled, Wally’s Adventures in Connecticut.

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  11. I have to applaud you for having your priorities straight, dad is still working on things

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  12. I read this three times and giggled helplessly…. The one with Eric is so subtle and devoid of irony! You are a fast learner. Who needs to be a banker with your eyes and über-cuteness. Go wally, you‘re doing everything alright. Show them who‘s really the boss! You‘re a winner and you helped dad surely to survive; because with a doggie he can‘t hide too long behind his laptop – wally wants to play, or threatens to deposit a s.hit – which in turn is doing him a lot of good as he gets out more. Give him my love and tell him to hide a bone in your toy basket, because you ARE a good boy.

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  13. You don’t need to be anyone else but you, Wally. Dad will adapt… (and I wouldn’t worry about the Eric dig because I distinctly remember him saying he wanted both his kids to live with them forever).

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  14. Wally, you don’t have to like playing fetch. I know a border collie in a pet shop that like to play just one game: she brings me a half-chewed plastic bottle or a toy bone, and she wants to play pull. She can do this all day long.

    And why be a banker when you can model in selfies?

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    • You are so smart! I’m going to tell Dad this. Being a selfie model is so great and who would want to do anything else but take selfies and play outside and make humans happy!


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