Wally’s Great Adventures (30).

Wally’s Great Adventures (30). hello friends, wally here. i was out in backyard sniffing around checking things out, never more than a few feet from dad, his hulking presence lurking. this “do it Wally do it Wally do it Wally do it Wally”, i mean really. who needs the pressure to go poo poo and who can do it like on demand. i mean this get-it-done-now attitude may work at work-work but here, wow. mom asked me what those red spots were on my belly, i barked and told her its from all this pressure dad is putting on me. mom always asks why i look so serious, and i barked and told her, wouldn’t you be serious with dad’s ‘7×24 coaching’, she laughed, ‘i’ve had 39 years of ‘that.’ i love mom, but she must be really tough. then get this, while we were outside, dad asked me why i kept lifting my paws, one and then the other. i barked and said why? why? I barked again, why would I lift my paws from the frosty, freezing-cold grass while he stands there in his wool socks, his giant lined snow boots and a down jacket???? then dad gets on his box, Eric and Rachel have a name for this box like soapy-box or idiot-box, something like that and he starts telling me that when he was my age, he used to walk in 3 feet of snow with sneakers, no gloves, for 3 miles to school all by himself in the arctic tundra in canada and he wouldn’t be lifting his paws and complaining like a little baby, and i needed to man-up and stop listening to mom because i’ll get soft. i don’t want to get soft, and i don’t want anymore of these red splotches so i’m going to have to listen to dad as he knows best. that’s all for today. have a great week! wally!


  1. You know, Wally, the area of Canada your dad lived in a hundred years ago? It’s part of the mildest part of Canada so you tell him to try again… As for you, jeez, that’s some pressure. When he goes poo poo, you just sit there and bark at him to hurry up, see how he feels!

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  2. To cute


  3. Wally, none of us is blasé about your complaints–you have a whole loving team with you! …have no idea but are you lifting your paws so that your belly doesn’t hit the ground and get scratched…? These photo’s would all be great for any future book!


  4. Wally, as you can see from the comments above, you have a whole team in your corner, ready to take Dad to task if he steps over the line. Easy for him to be all ‘get ‘er done!’ now that he’s a grownup. Bet he had some shaky moments when he was going through potty training, too, just sayin. Tell Dad when he feels the need to bark, take a deep breath and count to 10. Maybe that will calm him down a bit (and by that time, you will probably be done doin’ your business…

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  5. Sweetheart, you are still a precious babe here in this world of dominant Dad with the burden of providing and so many other distractions in life…. and soft caring Mom who has to deal with everyday planning and basic needs for everyone.
    Trust you are in good hands… and you will grow into the best Pup you can be 💖

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  6. Doesn’t dad know forcing a poop can give you hemorrhoids? Jeez! (Wally is soooooo cute! I barely can leave this post his photos scream “Wally! Awwwww!)


  7. ‘Hulking presence’?? Wow you’re ghost writer looms large and quite imposing. I’m glad you bark back at his urgent commands to hurry up with urges that don’t necessarily respond to commands. You should certainly do a little lurking when he’s in the bathroom…Your dad’s treks to the one room schoolhouse are legendary to any cohort from the early 1900’s…uphill in the snow in both directions, one hat shared by an entire classroom, a stern teacher with spectacles and a hairy mole on her cheek who had no issue with disciplining by swiping a ruler across the hand…Ma churned her own butter, after milking the cows, collecting eggs and washing laundry in the frozen river – all before sun rise. I’ll let him tell you the rest of the story himself…we are all grateful he survived…😉

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  8. that’s no one’s business but your own, Wally. you may need to remind him of that

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  9. He is such a sweet little guy. You be nice to him, DK.

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  10. I’m very disappointed if there’s not a Wally post everyday! His observations about his mom and dad are so smart. Tell Wally that he gets cuter every post❣️

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  11. Keep barking at him, Wally.
    I think he hasn’t been barked at enough this lifetime! Who on earth yells at someone to go poo poo faster? This is against the laws of nature.

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    Gotta love Wally’s adventures!! Awesome …


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