Wally’s Great Adventures (28).

hello friends, wally here. tgif. so much to share. its been so nice outside, dad has taken my bff sully and me outside to play ball. now i’m still a puppy and all and haven’t seen the world, but Sully and Ball, that is something everybody has to see once. when sully sees ball, he is mental. dad calls him manic or demented or crazed or frenzied, or a lune. for sully it is all about ball. i don’t really get it. I chase sully and ball one or twice and then quit. that’s crazy. dad tries to encourage me to fetch, but that’s crap, why would i do that. so i lay in the grass, and roll around on my back. dad asked ‘what the hell i was doing?’ he then poked me with the ball-chuck-it-stick. I roll on my back again. he pokes me harder so i growl at him and tell him if he doesn’t stop, i will eat his stick. meanwhile sully is still chasing the ball and panting like a madman. I thought my bff was so smart, but i’m having some second thoughts about what’s really going on upstairs there.

worried about sully collapsing, dad took the ball away and we went inside. sully decided that we should go do some zoomies in the house and off we went, it was so much fun. then speaking of demented, you should have heard dad after we tracked mud all over the house before he could wipe our feet, he called us both terrible terrible so terrible and he locked us up in the crate and called us convicts. sounds bad. It was so much fun watching dad on his hands and knees cursing, ‘i’m too old for this shit’, while cleaning the floors. never saw dad cleaning anything. anyway, sully and i were completely tuckered out and we took a long nap. good night everyone. Wally.



  1. Oh boy … not sure where to start here. This is a learning experience wee Wally. You don’t need to be like … or heaven forbid like your dad.
    Keep noticing and reporting back. Your observations are so helpful for growth and well being. You are doing good kid 💖

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  2. The juxtaposition between that grinning photo and the sad face in the crate 😂

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  3. dad aka ‘the warden’ seems to be the one doing hard time. that worked out and a nap to boot!


  4. Haha! Maybe one day you’ll be mental too, Wally!


  5. It was good that you and Sully got dad to work on his flexibility (literally and figuratively) – it’s always good for him to practice his deep knee bends, and clean up while doing so…Have you noticed how big Sully’s smile is when he’s happy? I think you two are making the best kind of mischief, Wally …keep it up!!!

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  6. I love it!

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  7. You two are too darn cute for words. Especially when you are sleeping!!

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    Wally, Wally, Wally … and Buddy!!


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