Saturday Morning

Oh, the coming-out-of-nowhere moment
when, nothing
no what-have-I-to-do-today-list

maybe half a moment
the rush of traffic stops.
The whir of I should be, I should be, I should be
slows to silence,
the white cotton curtains hanging still.

~ Marie Howe, “The Moment” (via

Photo: Eylül Aslan


  1. You ‘should’ enjoy the moment. This one. 😊

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  2. My grandmother used to call it “the pause that refreshes.” 😉

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  3. love that…feel the dissapation of anxiety…oh-h….

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  4. A whole childhood day, condensed into a moment.. I’ll take it!

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  5. I love that moment. Sometimes manage to stretch it out into almost an hour…sometimes.

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  6. some of my favorite moments

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  7. Such pauses are so rare and unexpected and impossible to duplicate. I love them, but I’m sure that some people who are used to being all a-jangle most of the time, such pauses could give them a bit of a shock. I mean …what to do with silence and still? It’s all this must-be-doing something all the time that causes the undervaluing of pauses. As a musician, I see musical rests as much a part of the music as are the sounds either side of them.

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  8. Make that cotton curtain a muslin one, that’s even more romantic and it could wave & flutter a bit in the morning’s air….. 😉

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  9. We all need more moments of refresh…thankful for you, DK as you continually introduce ways for people to discover and appreciate lightness and what it brings to our lives…
    oh the little garavatar photo is of Gladys Kravitz peering out from behind her curtains!!! I always smile when I see her photo or hear her memorialized voice calling Abner (Bewitched tv show)

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  10. Those curtains in half light … just between the ending of sleep and the beginning of awake … so powerful and embracing. May we all learn to pause here a while 💛

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