Saturday Morning

Source: Headlikeanorange


  1. ahhh

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  2. Gathering strength for the summer to come….

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    A slight wind … a slight, delicate movement! Amazing …

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  4. Oh, my goodness, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! Such a delicacy touches my too-busy heart this morning. Thank you!

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  5. When we go to Montana in October, I see lots of scenes like this and burn up my camera battery taking pictures of them. It’s not only blooming flowers that have beauty.

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  6. I love this photos so much…I had to dash outside and look at the remnants of our Sunflowers! We always leave areas of standing Sunflowers as the small birds really rely on the tiny, tiny insects that find the decaying once Vibrant Sunflowers! where they perch in the fall & winter… In the fall we are so delighted when the Sunflowers Seed Heads become the feeding ground for several species of birds…the Battle Cry of the Jays establishing dominance and possession over which Sunflower Head is theirs…those Jays create such a ruckus which we love as they represent such lively Life…in the Garden you see the miracle of Life and I marvel at God’s Blessings…(one year we had between 300 to 400 heads in bloom what a site, we grow several varieties) I love the time in the morning while the sun is rising and the sunlight washes over the Sunflowers in the Northeastern part of the garden first…I always call it Sunflower Sunrise 🙂 Some time I’ll dig up some old Sunflower photos and email you with them…

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  7. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I want to learn how to do that, wow what a nice surprise.

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  8. pretty. where did you take that

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  9. ‚Headlikeanorange‘ has some beautiful little mini Gif‘s…. love it, love the tiny sway of a sunflower in it‘s death‘s throws…. there is beauty in everything if only we can find it!

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  10. Sunday morning here, nice photo

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