It’s been a long day

Human life is a kind of myopia, everyone walking around, seeing only what’s in front of them, or not even that—passing each other by, embroiled in our little dramas to such an extent that we miss out on everything; making big what is small.

Sheila HetiMotherhood: A Novel (Henry Holt and Co., May 1, 2018)

Notes: Illustration: Owen Gent. Related Posts: It’s been a long day


  1. Another gem, David. Thank you.

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  2. So true. Love this 💚

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  3. yes, we need to open our eyes and hearts. it’s so easy not to

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  4. For way too many people, it is thus…
    Not this one….well, I try not to, anyway 😉

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  5. Anonymous says:

    This is so very true. In the new year my son and I began identifying one thing that captured our eye during our long drives to / from school each day. What a difference it makes to appreciate what often goes unnoticed. Astonished at how this has changed the whole vibe of the car ride.

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  6. This bad? Doesn’t sound like you!

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  7. Though I surely leave many things unnoticed, I try hard to pay attention to all that is around me.

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  8. So true. We hardly ever lift our eyes to the sky and see what’s truly going on. – Julian

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    • Yes Julian. And your thought also reminds me of:

      Waking up in the morning
      I vow with all beings
      to be ready for sparks…

      I vow with all beings
      to let the pain and surprise
      slow me down to this step,
      this step.

      ~Robert Aitken, from “Zen Vows for Daily Life”


  9. Maybe more people must lose their eyesight and thus become able to see the smallest kinds of and around our daily life. As a hobby photographer I’ve always seen the unexpected, the odd thing out, now my seeing less and less makes me more and more aware of the BIGness of SMALLest things.
    The quote is absolutely beautiful and not to be taken lightly. Laughing at oneself often helps too!

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  10. All too easy to get caught up in silken worries and lose sight of the good things. Know I am guilty more often than I care to admit…

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  11. Still bleeding night into morning dark.
    Stumble through house.
    Lights on. Coffee on.
    Toilet flushed. Dog out.
    Sparkle ready…

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