Saturday Morning

I will cut adrift—

I will sit on pavements & drink coffee—

I will dream;

I will take my mind out of its iron cage & let it swim—this fine October.

— Virginia Woolf, from a diary entry c. Wednesday, October 15, 1927

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  1. yes.


  2. I personally don’t do this enough

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  3. To go all the way there, to the edge of the world…
    This fine October ❤

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  4. I will… after work 😏

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  5. and I will dream…Web Cams always give me cause to dream…and I will wonder aimlessly around the world, though these two our in the Western USA Enjoy!
    It is a fine October Saturday through this lens…
    and a cold October Saturday here in Yellowstone Nat. Park

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  6. dk i hope the beach cam worked …I just went to view and I had scroll down to click the web cam box and wait a while for it to attempt to load then I finally hit refresh and the beach showed up, like magic and some one is flying 3 kites!

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    • Christie, thanks so much for posting the Cape Kiwana web cam. I stayed at a house that must be very close to where the web cam is during a reunion with some very dear friends. We could see Haystack Rock out our window on clear days. The first two days were completely foggy and we hadn’t seen the rock. On the third morning, one of my friends got up to make coffee and yelled, “where the heck did that rock come from?!” LOL!! It’s a great memory.

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      • You are so welcome…Most of the Oregon’s Beautiful Coast isn’t bare like Cape Kiwanda! We stay away from the Northern Coast…We like the wild, quiet, hardly any people rugged areas. Something like 95 or 98% of the coast is Publicly Held We go to the Oregon Coast twice a year on vacation….spent my one night Honeymoon on the Oregon Coast, we celebrate our Wedding Anniversary later this month…I grew up in Portland and left years ago, still have family in greater PDX *(We welcomed a New Precious Baby Girl last night, a nephew’s third girl, the older girls and the brother wanted another boy)* … < < pretty spot for a web cam! A list of web cams for Oregon:
        List of cam in Montana:
        Lots of snow in Northern Montana, now! The first snow was Aug. 27th and this last round started on Sept. 30th and it keeps coming.
        Not sure if you stayed near Cannon Beach or Pacific City? thought this might be of interest: More than "One" Haystack Rock /// Haystack Rock is located about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of downtown Cannon Beach in Clatsop County and about 80 miles (130 km) west of Portland. The nearest major road is U.S. Route 101. Haystack Rock is part of the Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site. The area below the mean high water (MHW) level is managed by Oregon Parks and Recreation. The area above the MHW level is managed by the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.
        Other Haystack Rocks
        "The Needles" which are adjacent to Haystack Rock
        Haystack Rock seen from Cannon Beach
        Haystack Rock viewed on a spring day
        There are at least six other geographic features in Oregon named Haystack Rock, including two others along the Oregon Coast — and others throughout the U.S. The tallest and probably best known Haystack Rock due to its proximity to Portland is in Tillamook County located off Pacific City and near Cape Kiwanda. It stands 327 feet (100 m) above the sea and is the fourth tallest sea stack or off-shore monolith in the world.[1] Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach is accompanied by several smaller rocks known as The Needles. The other Oregon coastal Haystack Rock stands 105 feet (32 m)[2] above sea level in Coos County near Bandon.[3] Enjoy the Web Cams and have a nice weekend.

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    • It did!


  7. Letting it swim. That’s freedom. 🌈

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  8. …. and we all go on dreaming…. 😉

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  9. Beutiful photoge


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