Sunday Morning

What was precious—flexing.
Fingers wrapping bottle, jar,
fluent weave of tendon, bone, and nerve.
To grip a handle, lift a bag of books,
button simply, fold a card—…

Unthinking movement, come again.
These days of slow reknitting…
Thank your ankles, thank your wrists.
How many gifts have we not named?

~ Naomi Shihab Nye, from “Broken” in Voices in the Air: Poems for Listeners 

Poem: Thank you Beth @ Alive on all Channels. Photo via seemore


  1. gratitude

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  2. So easy to overlook the little things that make the big things possible….

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    On an early Sunday morning … ‘Thank your ankles, thank your wrists.
    How many gifts have we not named?’

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  4. The things we take for granted ….

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  5. I am not allowed to have bare feet touch the ground, though this summer ( I became a Momentary Rebel) while sitting in a lawn chair I rubbed my feet on the soft, beautiful dark green sod that was put down in the late Spring and I stood on the sand with Naked Feet, at the beach last month… I wear thongs always in the shower and sometimes in the house when I am not wearing something else…I wear hiking boots and once in awhile tennis shoes. /// I was a competitive runner & tennis player and I will never run again nor play tennis. I live with constant pain, low back, lower legs and the Feet…trying to find a new refrigerator & other appliances with a door that I can open has proven to be a challenge, just opening the different models at the store immediately kicks up pain in the lower legs and the feet, so we continue looking…My husband cooks (I can’t stand long enough) or can do movements in front of me at certain standing heights. getting in and out of the car, not being able to handle groceries over a certain weight or configuration, etc. I Don’t Take The Ability to Walk or Move For-granted! And I AM Ever So Grateful that after Working with a Great Physical therapist (who works with elite runners & is a runner himself, one of the reasons I choose him) It took a Year to Regain a Functional Walk, learning to go down the stairs was a real Challenge…I still have problems going down stairs! My PT told me during treatment that I was his #1 priority and when he discharged me from his care he told me how worried he was about my case and that you know Christie you were my #1 priority, you are now the neurosurgeon’s patient and he said this is who you need to see…I walked out that door, attempted the MRI a few times didn’t work out…never saw the Surgeon and now I don’t have I live with the pain, some numbness and an area of zero reflex…I walk, I strength train my upper body, limitation don’t allow for lower body weight training and I do my PT work out on my garden bed platform that my husband and daughter built for me 3 springs ago and I am ever so grateful…he just put the rain cover on this week. I go out there bundled and do the work out unless the snow is caving in the cover or there is ice…I remember my Mom begging me for a month and a half over the phone to come visit her and I couldn’t I wasn’t able to drive or travel the distance (i’d had a set back)…I cried after those calls as I wanted to see her She didn’t know about my issue and the last time she begged and she understood that I just couldn’t she sighed and a few days later she Died…she was not expected to Die…she was being release in a few days, to a memory care unit…and that was the hardest part of the road to regaining a functional walk…was not being able to see my Mom and keeping my situation from her…she’s been gone 3 years now…/// I go to the gym when I am able and there was this nice wise older man who every liked he was friendly, wise, honest and helpful…before he moved to Long Island to live with his sibling and her family & to be closer to his brothers he told me I had a really good walk, that I walk well (i am sure he was talking form, he didn’t know of my journey) and I feel that that was a Reminder from God, that it is all in His hands and to Learn from the trials, keep being compassionate toward others, perseverance is an action and that Each Breath is a Gift … I don’t feel sorry for myself, I Don’t Take The Ability to Walk or Move For-granted!, Life changes & can in an instant and one adapts and I am Grateful for my Life and I know that God’s Grace is Great and again that Each Breath is a Gift…

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  6. After breaking my wrist back in early July, this especially rings true for me, David. It’s amazing how much we (I, in this case) take for granted!

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