Tuesday Morning

Rain to come – the sky lies gray-silver behind
soft clouds of a darker gray.  The trees are quiet,
their colors dark and heavy.  So one enters the morning
softly as if taking off one’s hat in church.  Now comes
the cathedral of rain, – gothic, tall, severe – intense.
We worship the god of inwardness.

Nils Peterson, “Rain to Come” in A Walk to the Center of Things

Notes: Poem: via 3quarksdaily.com. Photo by Susan Kanigan, Long Island Sound (January 2018)


  1. Beautiful words so well articulated, David and the picture too is so apt.

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  2. and it all comes pouring down

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  3. Holy rain/a chance for anyone to duck inside for a bit without guilt of wasting time? That’S how I read this.. I love it, even if I’m wrong!

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  4. (Hearing you. Proceed softly yet stronger in the stillness of self…..)

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  5. I love spring and summer thunderstorms. The lightning and thunder clean out my tainted energy and I feel fresh and whole and alive. I imagine church is like that too.

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  6. “The God of inwardness” that’s the one I love 🍀🌿

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  7. Susan’s photo is a great match with the poem!

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