It’s been a long day

luci d'inverno

The blue river is grey at morning
and evening. There is twilight
at dawn and dusk. I lie in the dark
wondering if this quiet in me now
is a beginning or an end.

~ Jack Gilbert, “Waking at Night” (The Greensboro Review, Fall 2008)




  1. And don’t we all?

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  2. Yesterday was. The I fell asleep from 9 to 9 🙂

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  3. Perfect timing. I’ve felt this way all evening.
    It is actually a most peaceful place to be in foe me, at this time. Neither beginning nor end, just is.

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  4. very nice poem..

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  5. it’s hard to distinguish between then at times –

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  6. That is an amazing poem.

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  7. Wondering, wondering, wondering…is that stillness? To be able just to revel in the moment.

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    Ah yes…


  9. I don’t lie in the dark unless it is on purpose…my cpap hums along giving me hope of sleep and often the transistor radio plays under my pillow…I often wonder what my brain gleans as I fall into sleep…talk radio doesn’t sleep…

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