TS: “Seasoned rocker that she is, Pink knows how to work an arena.”

Pink: “If there are 10,000 people in an arena, I can pick out that one person that is the brother that had to drive his sister. 9,999 people are having a good time, I can pick out the one that isn’t.

~ Tracy Smith, “Pink”

Don’t miss the entire segment on CBS Sunday Morning (October 8, 2017)

Photo: Pink | Alecia Beth Moore | singer | portrait | glamor | ram2013


  1. Love Pink 💗

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  2. i get that –

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  3. I love her

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  4. A great entertainer…

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  5. I am her fan.

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  6. She’s awesome 👩🏻‍🎤

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    Gottakive me some P!nk!! ❤️

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  8. I have met one or two people in my life who can spot that one in 10000.

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  9. A skilled people watcher.

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    Let’s get this party started!

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