It’s been a long day


There is joy to be found in the most minuscule of choices, in the pockets of slowness concealed inside each ordinary day: ten minutes in the morning in which to write down our dreams, five minutes in the late afternoon in which to stand by a window and watch the changing colors of the sunset, another pause before bed for a brief moment of prayer. Such things do not demand an inordinate commitment. From outside, our lives may look much as they have always done. We alone will recognize the small, rejuvenating pleasures, the invisible sustenance: the difference between skimming a text and taking the time to read it slowly and in depth; between emailing our friend, and making time to sit with her and talk; between rushing through our days, and honoring “the space between,” allowing space to muse and brood and wonder and exult, to bask in our accomplishments.

~ Christian McEwen, World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down.



  1. Where is that love button? ❤️ You hit two home runs for me today. Thanks.

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  2. I’m with Susan – An extra love button from me ❤️. Bam.

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  3. Grateful to accept this gift. :0)

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  4. Add my name to the ‘hallelujah chorus.’ “…the pockets of slowness concealed inside each ordinary day.” Yes, yes, yes!!

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  5. all need the spaces in between and need to extend them whenever possible –

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  6. Bingo! That’s it, right there!

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