T.G.I.F.: Be happy you’re here…

Rosie is a poodle-whippet mix who likes to bounce, an activity she takes very seriously. Here she is diving joyfully into a field of tall grass. Her owner is English comedian Adam Buxton.


  1. ‘Boing…boing…boing..’ How fun!

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  2. I daresay Rosie has stumbled upon a “pocket of joy.” ☺️

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  3. Go Rosie, go Rosie!

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  4. I wish my dog did this! It would make up for all his annoying habits. 😁

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  5. OMGosh yes! Life is what you make of it. :0)))

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  6. embracing life –

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  7. Spaniels do that when they’re hunting upland game birds in high grass. I think the bouncing is meant to flush the bird so it will fly instead of running through the grass.

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  8. Happy weekend, David. 🙂

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  9. Ah, Its a dog’s life! Everyday is the weekend.

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  10. The (furry) face of joy.

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  11. christinesat says:

    Could be me. Six weeks of summer holidays have started last weekend. Watch out, life. I’m coming!!! :o)

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