It’s come to this…

breathe-app-watch-os-1 breathe-app-watch-os-2 breathe-app-watch-os-3 breathe-app-watch-os-4

In addition to reminding you to stand and walk throughout the day, watchOS 3 will also prompt Apple Watch users to take a minute to relax, focus and meditate with a new app dubbed “Breathe.”

When a Breathe notification pops up, users can either begin a session or choose to snooze it. A dedicated Breathe app on the app screen — as well as a new Breathe complication that can be added to watch faces — also allow users to start a session whenever they choose.

Once users begin, the app informs them to “be still and bring attention to your breath.” A series of circles on the Apple Watch display gradually expand, accompanied by taptic feedback on the wrist, letting the user know to slowly inhale.

Read More: New ‘Breathe’ app for Apple Watch reminds you to relax, focus. 

Source: AppleInsider


  1. Anything that reminds us to breathe and be still gets a “yes” from me! Not many people I meet can ever remember to practice! 🙏🏻

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  2. I find this a little sad.

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  3. I’m firmly in Susan’s camp in this one. Never hurts to breathe, as Karen says, but dear Lord, are we really at the point where we need our watch to tell us that?

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  4. I think the watch is just a money making scheme. We already have a inner clock that works perfectly, and if you forget to breathe, you either pass out or your dead. :o)

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  5. extremely ironic.

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  6. Makes me wonder what’s next?
    Reminders to urinate?
    To hug?
    To kiss?
    Come on!

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  7. We do take it for granted. Until we can’t. Exhaling….

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