SMWI*: It’s a shame that sometimes


It’s a beautiful thing
to have lungs that allow you to breathe air
and legs that allow you to climb mountains,
and it’s a shame that sometimes
we don’t realize that that’s enough.




  1. Amen, pal..

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  2. David: another post right on the nerve endings! Keep well.

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  3. easy to forget. important to remember.

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  4. Such a stunning image! I absolutely can not, take the marvel of lungs (I had pleurisy when I was young so thankful for antibiotics, easy breathing after the medication and 6 weeks of rest) and legs for granted (learning to walk functionally again, this year has been a challenge and such a gift) .or eyesight, (can’t even think about that) etc… gonna walk along the river this afternoon and go to a farm to maybe pick, easy to reach (part of physical therapy.) apples and take photos of pumpkins…so thankful to be able to drive a bit again…

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    • It is a stunning image Christie. Your childhood pleurisy triggered a memory of this quote:

      Now that I’m home again, with a cake in the oven and up to my elbows in dishwater, I am even thankful for yesterday— one day in the hospital has made me absurdly, giddily aware of just how wonderful any day not spent in the hospital really is. Nothing like a minor health condition to make me appreciate every working body part. Nothing like a little excision and a few obliterated hours to bring me to my knees, kissing the solid ground of my own messy, mundane, incredibly lovely life. Nothing like checking out of the world for a day to make me euphoric at the simple fact that I’ve been allowed, this time, to check right back in.

      ~ Katrina Kenison, Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment (Grand Central Publishing. 2013)


      • I am so in awe with the stirring image..I love the Katrina Kenison, quote…My illness, .I was young but not a child (at least in my eyes) I was in my early twenties. No one ever wants to experience pleurisy, lying flat on your back thinking of how death would take away the pain of shallow inhales and exhales….I had my tonsils out during college, it was summer, just weeks after I turned twenty-one and they put me in the pediatrics ward..hmm…I had an active tonsil infection for a year that antibiotics didn’t cure and mono (had to miss Spring term) and they said even in my condition the surgery had to be done asap and that the care given in the ped’s ward was needed. We learn from all the experiences…so grateful at being given another chance(s) at learning, appreciating and giving back….another taste of life came at 23 and newly married…an accident that left me , now I am crying….Life is such a gift….

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    Indeed …. a beautiful thing!!

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  6. Slam dunk, pal…

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  7. That photo…wow ! So worthy of those words.

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  8. I really appreciate this when I slow down, and stop.

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  9. Taking it in …
    Great reminder David 🙂

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  10. oh! tears here also.Tears of exhaustion, of longing, of remembering, most of all, of gratitude.

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    yes, oh yes. Why do I forget so readily…


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