The light or lack of light is running you. You are the animal, moving and being moved.


Sometimes the natural world takes your power, as it does deep in February, when every fiber of your being wants to hibernate. Sometimes it bestows you with power you never imagined you could possess, as it does during the peak of summer, when you don’t need much sleep, and you feel like you’re riding along with all of the motions of the universe. Sometimes it terrifies you with its awesome brutality, as when you are driving alone on a mountain pass and encounter a blustery springtime blizzard. Just as there are receptors in the brain for drugs—like THC and psilocybin—I like to think we have receptors for nature as well. We may believe we are run by our thoughts and anxieties, our urges and our choices, but come to a place like Montana and you will be reminded that the moon is running you. The sun is running you. The light or lack of light is running you. You are the full moon. You are the rushing river. You are the animal, moving and being moved.

Amanda Fortini, The Great Surrender

Image via Your Eyes Blaze Out



  1. yes –

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  2. We have receptors for nature … because we are nature.
    We think we are different because we have a a mind that thinks so.
    Don’t believe our thinking.
    We are all of it all.
    No drama.

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  3. We are the full moon. We are the rushing river. We are the animal, moving and being moved. Love this. I have days when I really feel this….but believe me it’s a practice. 🙂

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  4. I think many of our problems are caused by our disconnect from Nature.

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  5. I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing like a walk in the woods in a crisp fall day to bring one back to center.

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  6. Of course Nature runs us. Barometric pressure and the change of seasons DOES things to my head. I’m turning right along with Her.

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  7. love all of em… wish i can gain a part of your peace and calmness…


  8. So beautiful. So true. Thanks for this reminder, it explains so much!

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