Easy like Monday Morning


Source: The Meta Picture


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  2. That’s right, just slid in’ into the work week…. 😀

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  3. This is amazing, Thank you for sharing with us, always you find something to make my day 🙂 Have a nice week dear David, love, nia

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  4. ease on in.

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  5. So darling 🙂

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  6. that is how I want my week to go………..

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  7. I can’t decide which is cuter: the puppy sliding down the stoop or the little girl picking her nose and bursting into laughter!

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  8. Multipurpose ramp.

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  9. Easy like Monday morning? Isn’t that a some kind of paradox?

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  10. the girl is so happy 🙂

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  11. Haha…he knows a thing or two!! 😀

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