The early morning sun


“I have always loved photography. These days I spend very little time in my art studio, my passion for photography having completely taken over. With macro photography I escape to another little world. I love exploring the tiny details in nature that often get over looked. I love finding beautiful colours and abstract compositions within nature and can even get passionate about photographing moss or a blade of grass. I think I am at my happiest when I am crawling around on my hands and knees exploring a small patch of moss dripping with sparkling dew in the early morning sun.”

See Sharon’s website and her other work here: Sharon Johnstone, Fine Art Photography

Image Source: Mennyfox55


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  2. Stunning! And I can understand that passion.

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  3. I agree, Amazing!

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  4. It looks like stained glass. Or candy (still thinking about your donuts).

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  5. This made me chuckle as I was in my knees in the garden yesterday trying to get a macro shot of the raindrops! I totally agree with you. I’m at my utmost happiest doing this too 😊

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  6. so beautiful –

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  7. I love that and I get it. I need to do more of it, but I get it!! Fantastic image – would be a good one to hang on one of my walls!!

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  8. Thanks for sharing the work of Sharon Johnstone. I love it!! I have been looking for a special piece for a particular wall and I think I have just found what I have been searching for 🙂

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  9. Every time I look at this cool image I am reminded of jewelry…the bend of gold wire with liquid enamel as it is cooling..

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  10. I know that the edges are not gold wire but are actually the edge of a water drop…in high magnification..

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