Big Blue

“When Patrick Dykstra saw a life-sized replica of a blue whale in the Smithsonian at age 16, he dreamed of having an underwater encounter with the biggest animal on Earth, according to the Daily Mail. The filmmaker, born in Denver and currently based in Dubai, fulfilled his dream in the tropical waters off Sri Lanka where he captured stunning underwater and aerial videos and images of blue whales while swimming with the giant sea creatures, which can reach 98-feet long and weigh 200 tons.

The whales are the largest animal to ever inhabit the earth, and outsize even the biggest dinosaurs. Stunning drone footage captures the enormous mammals from above, while in other shots a kayaker paddles just metres from one of the awe-inspiring creatures.

“Nothing on Earth compares to the experience of being side by side with the largest animal to ever inhabit the planet and to dive into its environment,” Dykstra, 35, told the Daily Mail. “I use my photography and videography to help study these animals in hopes of understanding and protecting them.”



  1. Absolutely magnificent! I simply cannot get my head around how large these creatures are, and at the same time so graceful. Swimming with them must be both breathtaking and terrifying, knowing that they could kill you with an errant flip of the tail. Wow…

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  2. Wow!

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  3. Stunning!!

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  4. Wow! Extraordinary!

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  5. Beautiful. Nature is amazing!

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  7. wow, truly an amazing dream come true –

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  8. Amazing !

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  9. Hi David
    I’ve beyond happy to see you lately. You have so many followers, I feel special when you drop in. I’m very sick and don’t get to read many post. I’m even losing some eyesight. I wanted to let you know I noticed you.
    Have a awesome day.

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  10. Amazing!

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  11. In many sects of Native wisdom, the whale is symbolic of the beginning, the creation of all life on earth as we know it. They are breathtaking to watch.

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  12. What an amazing experience! Somehow I know that these whales recognize the vulnerability of the photographer.

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  13. How utterly transcendently exquisite! I am moved to the depths of my soul by their incredible grace and beauty, these amazingly gentle creatures of the ocean. How can we not wish to protect them with every fibre of our being! Thank you David, for this Monday morning gift.

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    Incredible, profoundly moving grace and beauty, these astonishingly gentle and undoubtedly highly intelligent, great beings of the ocean..

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