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  1. Me too…

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  2. *Poof* (( the sound of our bodies hitting the couch after that meal ))


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    Hit me too!! Yum …..


  4. Isn’t this a bit heavy for a Friday (read: work day) morning?

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  5. Oh, DK, so very proud of you for getting your daily serving of fruits!

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  6. Now on Fridays too…bad news. Did you feel it?

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  7. Christie says:

    Dave, the photo is pure torture, to Miss Pancake lover…I became Gluten free mid June, I’d been looking forward to Sourdough Pancakes from the Kalfe Cafe in Dell. Mt for a year….I was one week into the Gluten Life and I said this is my last chance to have those Sourdough delights and I Did they were swimming in carb laden maple syrup and I paid for it the next day in more ways than one..Now that I have some gluten free flour and some buckwheat I will need to venture into the kitchen with a gluten free pancake recipe…not sure if I will go Totally Grain Free..I write this just after a snack of cheeses, grapes and a yummy gluten free 14carb 2 bite brownie <the brownie was an indulgent taste of Taboo…I had a real cheat day yesterday 2 of those creamy brownies, a square of dark chocolate & I ate off schedule and my fasting blood sugar was 110 🙂 I did consume a piece of toasted gluten free bread smothered in strawberries, rhubarb and plain yougert while vacationing, it was fine but it wasn't A Pancake…

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  8. Christie says:

    Ha, my dear hubby just phoned from the store wondering if I want to try some gluten free choc. chip cookies by the same company that makes the brownie bites, I said yes..after all we didn’t head to the coast for the day like we’d planned..he takes a day off on a Friday in the summer and we stay home (!) If I’d gone to the beach Calm Chowder, Carmel Corn and heated up Sweet Marionberry Cobbler top off with The Best Every Vanilla Bean Ice Cream would have Passed my Lips.. He is taking me for a late lunch though, wonder what is gluten free at the Chinese Restaurant after that we are going to another store for meat -he is going to make some jerky.. might go to a concert in the park, tonight.. the daughter returns home after vacationing, she said canoeing and panning for Gold was fun..Now my mind is thinking and my taste-buds are anticipating, hmm… about the blackberries that need picking in the backyard, hmm …gluten free blackberry crisp sounds pretty good and the decent brand of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is sitting in the freezer next to the homemade organic Mango and Lime Sorbet..grateful for choice…

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  9. Christie says:

    I drool, too because gluten free doesn’t mean carb or calorie free..Ah, full fat Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.. He has volunteered to pick some berries in the morning and make the blackberry crisp..we picked up a fresh carton of Vanilla Bean, too..good thinking as the old carton was about empty and freezer frosted, ick..An event on Sunday, offers up so many food choices including caramel apples & corn on the cob…if the daughter joins us she will of course want the $7.00 Elephant Ear…you must try either Marionberry Cobbler or Blackberry Crisp sooo good but then again Warm Peach Cobbler or Cherry Crisp is also More Than Pleasing…grateful for the choices…

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  10. oh!

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  11. Christie says:

    Had two fried eggs and two pancakes for Mother’s Day breakfast…on one pancake -Almond butter topped with cold Applesauce with 3/4 teaspoon of homemade blackberry jam…yum!

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  12. Christie says:

    ps on the 2nd pancake I had blackberry jam on one half and then something new of the other half…yum Strawberry Honey! We picked it up at the store last fall, saw it undiscovered and un-opened tucked away in our kitchen -such a bright .reminder… as some of our strawberries are starting to bloom…the cane berries are blooming lots of bee activity…

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