Sunday Morning. Grounded.


5:40 am.
I let Zeke out.
I step onto the porch. Shiver. 23° F. Dark and Cold.
There’s less than a inch, but it’s there, Snow smothering Spring.

Zeke comes trotting back in, he’s wiggling, with a full body twist and turn. How come I’m not that happy after solving my internal blockages? 

My running watch, fully charged, rests on the counter, waiting to connect to the satellites circling overhead. My running shoes and running gear, set out last night, are poised and ready for the firing of the starter’s pistol. My water bottle, filled and ice cold, waits silently in the refrigerator. The team is ready.

Last night’s intention — was to run early and long this morning.

I look at the gear again. Go. Now. Go. Take that first step. Do it.

Mind shifts to breakfast.  Hash browns, bacon and scrambled eggs. Potatoes from Idaho, brown and crispy on top, with a stream of Heinz. The intoxicating smell of Bacon. Eggs from free range chickens, yellow and cheesy on top. Toast (home made thick crusted white bread), glistening from butter produced on a farm in Wisconsin — one piece laced with golden honey from a bee hive in Maine, and the second with dark, sweet grape jelly from some vineyard in California. All washed down with sweet Orange Juice from Brazil.

Zeke let’s out a short whine, takes a step up the stairs, and looks back at me. Dad, back to bed. Come on. Let’s go.

Pavlov’s Dog with his Dog: Mouth filled with saliva and dreams of breakfast.

I head up the stairs following Zeke. Running Plans are deferred. Gremlin on right shoulder: I’ll run later, when it warms up. I will. Goblin on left shoulder: Devilish laugh. You’ve got to be kidding.

We crawl back into bed. Zeke scoots under the covers, turns, and settles horizontally with my body line, his back against my chest.

I wrap my arm around him, and pull him in closer, tight. His body, warm. He sighs, the air streams from his nose and brushes my finger tips.

It is Quiet. Still. Peaceful.

The only movement, our breathing, our chests, his into mine, mine into his, pulsing in and out, in time: inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Waves rolling in and out, whispering:

We’ll run later.

We’ll run later. 

We’ll run later.



  1. Enjoy the peacefulness now. There is always time for running later 😉

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  2. Bahaha!!! Can’t. Stop. Smiling. Smirking. Almost chuckling. Maybe in part two you can tell us whether all that morning foodie goodness actually happened. 😂

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  3. you had me at Bacon …. Great choice today!! MJ

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  4. I enjoyed your, humorous, sweet, descriptive piece of writing. 🙂 I got up at 4:50 am puttered around for a few minutes, crawl back into bed, laid there consuming half a banana while listening to talk radio emanating from the transistor radio, under my pillow. The pup is sleeping, the husband drifting back to a sound sleep. My mind is occupied with many things but I keep drifting back to the thoughts of a much anticipated carb ladened toppings which will adorn a puffy, egg-y tasting Maine Pancake (Martha Stewart’s recipe) the powdered sugar & organic lemon squeeze is a given. My dilemma is should I live dangerously and add some recently opened Lingonberry Jam, sweet, fresh, thick with substance jam not the lower carb fruit spread, to the fresh organic, strawberries that I’d laid claim to after dinner last night? 5:30 am I am outta here., because I can’t get back to sleep. I’ve found that, Kitten-Cat (aka, Miss Diva ) Is lounging on the to of my bonded leather computer chair having pushed away the covering I keep on the chair., in an attempt to keep her from kneading the warm, smooth cushioned perch. It looks battered & aged, thanks to her efforts. Ah, yum the lure of that Easter chocolate, yes it tasted good – I wonder how much walking among the wildflowers is needed to negate the indulge?
    Getting further into my carb issue.I have a vice and it is my love of Heinz Ketchup! & it is inconceivable & true I’ve have found my pantry and my refrigerator stock depleted. Five days with out Heinz ketchup hasn’t been easy I’ve had to substitute in, Roasted Raspbery Chipotle sauce.
    Your breakfast, a cornucopia of ingredients sounds like you are aiding in fueling the growth and filling the pocket of Warrren Buffett 🙂 “Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and the company that owns Heinz, Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital. Berkshire and 3G will invest $10 billion in what will come to be known as The Kraft Heinz Co.The company, the third largest of its kind in North America, will own Kraft, Heinz, Oscar Mayer, Ore-Ida and other brands.” Wish I owed some share of Berkshire Hathaway.
    Zeke is wise.He knows, bed is cozy place., esp. when it is dark and cold outside.
    Intentions – I have no doubt that by the time I post this comment you will have had an invigorating run, amongst the beauty of a spring snow. A warm shower, a filling breakfast a glance through the NYT & a good morning hug and kiss from your wife. You might think about glancing at Zeke about 3pm and take a little time out to rest like he is doing. Sounds like a day full of promise..seize the day! PS: 8:07am the husband and the dog have emerged.

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    • Lingonberry Jam. Easter chocolate. Dairy Queen (I think of DQ – Buffet owns stake). What temptations you have all around you Christie. Love when you share your journeys. Visual candy. Thanks as always.


  5. Such an honest and sweet story…thx, David!

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  6. I’m glad that you allowed yourself a little Sunday morning indulgence, pal. Now, rather than pulling on the hair shirt and heading out for a run this afternoon, what about a nice walk with Zeke instead? Walking at a brisk pace is good for the heart, and it allows the mind to drink in all of the bounty around you. Doing something good for the heart AND the mind. Just a thought…. Whatever you do, be kind to yourself, that is my wish….

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  7. spooning with zeek and dreaming of a lovely breakfast and a run that may or may not happen, (it’s okay if it doesn’t – give yourself permission), somewhere down the line, perfect way to begin the day.

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  8. Unfortunately that sounds like something I would do too.

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  9. Christie says:

    My morning – Arrived at the spot, 9:00 am pdt spent, two hours outside wandering the wildflowered trails, taking photos and sitting on benches enjoying the vistas. Saw a bunny, heard lots of birds; the drill of the woodpecker, the coo of the dove, the cry of the Stellar Jay and the sweet sound of the song sparrows, Saw Sallows in flight. The river level had, dropped so the sound was rushing. Was so beautiful. Wore hiking boots, jeans, the cozy Columbia Sportswear pull over zipped sweater, with the expanding hole at the right elbow and sunglasses. Finished the last bite of the Puffy Maine Pancakes, with the Lingonberry jam, warm strawberries, lemon squeeze and pwd sugar. @12:12 pm – yum. Glad that this time we used the white flour (called for) instead of the whole wheat we used last time. I think I will need a rest this afternoon, as my day will end about midnight. Have a pleasant rest of your day…

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  10. Oh…wasted best intentions. Where has the practice gone: first the fast, then the feast.
    How much more enjoyable it would be without the guilt of procrastination.

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  11. Not sure if I could run in that weather either! Lets hope for good health and intentions the weather changes for you soon! 🙂

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  12. Christie says:

    Did you go on your run? A sweater top was too warm today, 67, currently – noticed people sunbathing, yesterday, Hub is wearing a pair of short sand just put on a tee shirt as he is cleaning the grill. I can have no more naughty carbs – so burger, plain w/mustard no bun and some veggies with permitted carbs.He planted a plum tree today, which has baby plums on it. It looked so pretty when it flowered a few weeks back.It was getting root bound in it container. Hope the deer do not push aside netting & nibble on the freshly planted, tree. We stopped and watch some turkeys, Courting – just up the road as we headed out this morning. The Tom was really impressive being a show-off with his feathered array fully, opened. I think – drumsticks on the run. Glad, I snapped a photo. Stopped and saw some more turkeys on the way back. The pup in the back seat heard the gobbling and started barking. I think I will start wearing ear plugs, again at certain points in the car – with pup in attendance. Off to rest….Enjoy your evening..

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  13. I am ‘following’ your blog but mystified as to why your posts haven’t come into my inbox – I have resubscribed now. Sorry!

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  14. When are you going to stop letting that dog dictate your life?

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  15. So, did you run later? Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

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  16. It’s wonderful to give oneself a permission to just be. Hug the dog and let the best intentions fly out of the window. Once in a while. Btw, I had THAT breakfast on Sunday too…far from home, my dog …and my running shoes.

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  1. […] I was inspired to write this after reading David Kanigan’s Sunday morning post over at Live and Learn. […]

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