Driving I-95 S & N. Kooser. In the Head.

It’s 5:45 am.
It started tracking me yesterday morning.
I’m driving to work. Dark is lifting to dusk.
I’m returning to the office after an extended vacation.
My head is tumbling with To-Do’s.
I round the corner for the last 1/2 mile stretch and there it was.
Full. Bright. Beaming. Silent.
I stare, and enter a few second refuge before pulling into the garage.

It’s 6:40 pm.
I’m done with my first day back, of meetings back to back.
I’m in my re-entry. Decompression? Gone.
I accelerate down the exit ramp and there it is.
Full. Bright. Beaming. Silent.
It’s tracking me the entire ride home up I-95 N.
And gracefully nudging me from exhaustion, to fatigue and softly settling me into calm.

Yes, Mr. Kooser.
I have missed so many. The count is well into the thousands.
But, no Sir. No Sir.
I didn’t miss this one.

How many moons have I been too busy to notice? Full moons, half moons, quarter moons facing those thousands of suns, watching them bringing the years up, one piece at a time. Even the dark phases of moon after moon, gray stoppers plugged into a starry sky, letting a little light leak out around the edges. By my reckoning, almost a thousand full moons have passed above me know, and I have been too busy and self-absorbed to be thankful for more than a few, though month after month they have patiently laid out my shadow, that velvety cloak that in the moonlit evenings waits for me.

~ Ted Kooser, January. The Wheeling Year: A Poet’s Field Book

  • Photograph: MINE. Horrible, right? It’s an iPhone shot out the front window of I-95 traffic and the Moon.
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  1. Great poem and even better photo!

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  2. I make it a point not to miss a full moon <3. Now that, you have introduced Ted Kooser to me so beautifully, I have made up my mind to get hold of his book and read it on full moon days. 🙂

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  3. Try never to miss the moon – though arguably on its flip side (in the wee hours of the morning when I’m out with the Sirs)…And how ironic is it that the dad defies the kids. Good thing he never gets annoyed when the kids defy the dad. 😉

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  4. There’s a moon in that picture? Lol. It is “artsy.” 😄

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  5. Alex Jones says:

    I have walked in the morning darkness but it must be hard on the mind to commute in a car to work in the dark.

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  6. It’s funny how the sun demands to be noticed and the moon is so much more demure. Great photo, too. Looks like you were going pretty fast. Are you sure the kids weren’t chastising you for using your phone while driving? 😉

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  7. Brilliant…both the moon and your post on it. Too often we take the sky’s miracles for granted.

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  8. This post sings, DK. I was completely enthralled by the full moon last night–a gorgeous glowing orb gliding across the inky night sky…it seemed so serene to me. I simply cannot gaze upon a full moon and not be moved to take a long, deep breath and let my shoulders drop a notch or two.

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  9. and the moon will always return. it never will cease to do so. it is up to you to see it. it will always return, whether you see it or not. i’m glad you saw it this time.

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  10. I was facing the full moon when it rose, bloated and crimson through the lattice-work of eastern trees. Moonstruck. “Hello, you.” Driving, too, and absolutely unable to take my eyes off it. Bit by bit, it shed its dramatic garb and became the naked, pale orb I remembered. But I consider myself royally reminded.

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  11. Love this…I always know when I-95 is in your title, it’s gonna be an awesome post! 😉

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  12. With your current observation skills you’re not likely to miss any more full moons. But I had missed this post – worthy of observation as always.

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  13. Last night,clarity reigned, the sky so dazzling and the fall moon was just about half exposed, illuminating brightly…ps, no fog today 🙂

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