Mihály Csíkszentmihályi would say…go with the Flow.


“We say to the confused,

Know thyself,

as if knowing yourself was not the fifth and most difficult of human arithmetical operations,

we say to the apathetic,

Where there’s a will, there’s a way,

as if the brute realities of the world did not amuse themselves each day by turning that phrase on its head,

we say to the indecisive,

Begin at the beginning,

as if beginning were the clearly visible point of a loosely wound thread and all we had to do was to keep pulling until we reached the other end, and as if, between the former and the latter, we had held in our hands a smooth, continuous thread with no knots to untie, no snarls to untangle, a complete impossibility in the life of a skein, or indeed, if we may be permitted one more stock phrase, in the skein of life.”

José Saramago, The Cave



  1. beautifully summed of life in three phrases.

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  2. As if..

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  3. sometimes it’s a circle and hard to imagine, let alone find, the beginning or the end.

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  4. 1. Yeah, so?
    2. Huh?
    3. There’s always a beginning—the piece of knot in front of you, the section of yarn in your hand…

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  5. Going with the flow isnt always so easy, either.

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  6. my flow is sometimes dammed

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  7. This nicely explains the origin of the word, “duh!”

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  8. We say to the disgruntled, “Live and let live….” As if… As Carolann noted, it ain’t always easy to ‘go with the flow,’ but I concur that it’s a laudable goal (she says as she retreats to her corner and assumes the lotus position…) 😉

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