Stillness Arises

Wonderful. Watch. Wow!

I just want to rise so high that no one can reach me and nothing to prove. I just want to get where you just awaken your body and soul to something. Stillness arises within me. Nature brought me to stillness.

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It really happened a few years ago. In the middle of the bush, I started to feel the wild within nature as part of me. I found a way to let it express. I shot films and pictures in the wild.

When I was a kid, I was already used to exploring the outdoors next to my home. I am very grateful to my parents who let me go outside whenever I wanted. No matter whether it was rainy, stormy or snowy.

Oceans and mountains have always been part of my life. Two powerful open spaces to expand myself. It happens in Montaigne, it’s a great feeling of weightlessness at the reach. And very soothing when I finally reach the summit. At this precise moment I feel myself soaring, joyful, deeply peaceful, imprisoned here, now, living the moment. Listening to the silence. The misty atmosphere gently envelopes me. I am no longer thinking, and contemplating and breathing. I let nature teach me stillness.

Facing the ocean, I deeply breathe spray, listen to the seagulls screaming while the waves smash on the rocks. All these sounds are so familiar to me, that’s my home.

These two environments bring me something powerful, unique, so special that it is actually difficult to express in words.  I let my films and pictures talk for me.

Everyone in their lifetime is passing through harsh times. For me, being creative with my camera was real therapy.

Over the past few years, I simplified my life as much as I could. Today, I can concentrate all of my energy full time in being creative in producing something new and unique in a personal way. When you start to see yourself a soul with a body rather than the opposite, this is the real departure of your life. Everything makes more sense. Then you can start making the right decisions for your own sake.

I need passion to exist. And to feel alive. I need passion needs to be part of my life, whatever I am going through.

I think hope still exists…I have a rather optimistic view of seeing things for the future. The problem is that we are too broke by this time without enjoying the space surrounding us.

As soon as you get connected to your surrounding environment, you totally forget about time.

I don’t want to be the best. I just want to rise so high that no one can reach me and nothing to prove. I just want to get where you just awaken your body and soul to something.

Stillness arises within me.

Nature brought me to stillness.


  1. Spectacular clip


  2. Breathtaking. A few things we can assume: He has really good callouses on his feet, does not have a mortgage and does not have three daughters he put through college and will soon be marrying off…. otherwise he would be working. Just sayin…..(-:

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  3. Loved this.

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  4. So awesome David…
    I just want to get where you just awaken your body and soul to something.
    Stillness arises within me.
    Everything makes sense 🙂
    …I love the music too … wonder what it is (?)

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  5. His pictures and film speak beautifully, and it sounds like he’s found the words.

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  6. Reblogged this on Bright, shiny objects! and commented:
    Another awesome catch by David Kanigan! Thanks for sharing…

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Stillness …. so powerful and wonderful!!

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  8. Better than anything wrapped and under the tree. Beautiful. (she’s smiling with eyes closed, keeping that sense of stillness….)
    Thank you for the present DK…and a joyful and peace filled Christmas to you from me.

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  9. When stillness arises
    It dissolves
    Within and without.
    Stillness becomes you.
    The opening that appears
    engulfs the entire universe.
    And finally you

    Totally relate to This post.
    Even a blade of grass
    Dancing in the wind
    To some unknown rhythem
    Is enough to remind
    One of the mystery
    That is.
    Thank You, David!

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