Island Xmas

The music starts at 0:54 sec of this video.

Christine Anu, 44, is an Australian pop singer and actress. Anu is arguably Australia’s most successful indigenous performer and one of Australia’s most popular recording artiste, backed by an award-winning repertoire spanning across music, theatre, dance, film, television and children’s entertainment. Her illustrious career over two decades boasts of platinum albums, sell-out musicals, Hollywood blockbusters, and high-profiled collaborations with showbiz and musical luminaries such as Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge), Paul Kelly and David Atkins.

Find this tune and her new 2014 Christmas Album: Island Christmas


  1. Lovely, pal, and especially heartwarming because I just rec’d a lovely Christmas note from dear friends in Sydney. Australia is a GORGEOUS place and its people, well, I love them. Happy Christmas Eve friend….

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    • Merry Christmas Lori. I’ve never visited Australia but would love to. And as we sit here this morning on Christmas Day, 52 F, and drizzling, a bit of Sydney today would be lovely. 🙂


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    Island Xmas …..

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  3. Christmas is the universal idea that giving is better than getting.

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  4. Merry Christmas David, I hope your Holiday Season is filled with much Love and Joy!

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  5. thanks for this holiday share, dk. happy christmas to you and your family )

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  6. Christmas is a feeling, not an event. Merry Christmas, David!! Thank you for all your interesting, thought-provoking, challenging, fun, silly and happy gifts you give us all year!!

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