Such raw being aches


So often we run from feeling and yet it is only through feeling that we can know the depth of life. Only through feeling can we hold the smallest shell or bone and feel the tug of the Universe. Such raw being aches, for, as the Buddhists say, the bareness of being here is so full. I wake with this rawness and watching you sleep, I’m stopped before I start. Before I dress, I lose why I’m going anywhere. Yet wherever the day takes me- pausing to hold the groceries with the old man who packs them or seeing the neighbor’s child at the kitchen table doing homework as I walk our dog or pulling over to watch the small horse breathe his cloud over the fence- everywhere this bareness illumines. With no way to that bareness but through feeling and the listening that feeling opens. Some say I get lost in this feeling, this listening. But only if I think I know where I’m going, only if I think I know what I’m listening for. Through this bareness of being, we refresh our openness and enliven our innate connection to the one living sense. Through our unblocked, sincere response to life, we can tune our inner person with the great mysteries.

~ Mark Nepo

Credits: Thank you Make Believe Boutique, my daily inspiration, for the poem. Visual Art by Karolina Szymkiewicz via ufukorado.


  1. Wow. Grabbed me and hasn’t let go.

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  2. The worst battle one has to fight is between what one KNOWS and what one FEELS. Yet, accepting, experiencing and sharing ones feelings confers texture to the life.

    “If I dare to hear you
    I will feel you like the sun
    And grow in your direction.”
    ― Mark Nepo

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  3. “Through this bareness of being, we refresh our openness and enliven our innate connection to the one living sense. ”
    Powerful words that really resonate with me this week. I’m holding on to them.
    Val x

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  4. Wowness! Felt it.:)

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  5. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    This is where I have lived this week. Bareness. Stillness. Oh…the surprises that come from my depths when I dare to feel. I love the raw nature of this post. Stripped of pretense, the words sink easily into my heart.

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  6. Loved this. Thanks for sharing. Perfect for a first read early in morning,
    – Michael

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  7. Well that made me feel and think. Thanks

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    Awesome energy!!

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  9. i like these words and i’m going to sit quietly and focus on them –

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  10. Powerful. There are so many feelings I’d rather run from.

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  11. Oh yes, am with the horses breathing clouds over their fence. In the moment.

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  12. This is lovely—being present without expectation. But, he didn’t illustrate how to do this with the feelings we *really* run from. Letting in the beauty and surprise of the world is a choice. Staying with terror, pain and rage is work.

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  13. Reblogged this on Mostly My Heart Sings and commented:
    I vividly recall several times this week when I was so full of emotion that it came overflowing…and I felt like I was experiencing the depth of the universe …I felt bare, and ached, and full. In that vulnerability, I felt alive, so very alive.

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